#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2015-05-29

stefan_schmidtwpwrak: do we by any chance have a list of all serial numbers of the atusb's? Maybe from the production flashing and testing?12:23
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I would like zto now if we have a continuous range in this 10 byte serial number room of the mcu or if they are more or less random.12:24
stefan_schmidtif we have a rnage we could to the extended address generation automatically, if its random we need to have a list we assign manually I fear.12:25
wpwraknope, i think no such list exists (i.e., i don't think tuxbrain has one either)12:30
stefan_schmidtgiven its a 10 byte random serial I fear we do not have a nice continuous range12:31
stefan_schmidtSo we need to manually map12:32
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: Whenever you have a moment to plug and unpluf all of your atusb's12:32
stefan_schmidtsudo lsusb -v -d 20b7:1540 | grep iSerial12:32
stefan_schmidtfor all of them would be handy12:32
stefan_schmidtjust send them to me in private12:33
wpwraki kind thought that would come :)12:36
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: :P12:36
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: whenever you have time12:36
wpwrakhmm, i two silabs-based critters ... nope, no serial there. one avr-based ... apparently without firmware. let's fix that ...12:42
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/fw/flash.c (flash_ops): fix placement of "const" (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/37a4f0012:43
wpwrakhmm .. .and this ...12:43
stefan_schmidtsee, I help you to cleanup some things.  :P12:43
wpwrakhmm. the critter doesn't actually enumerate. so no fw for this one ...12:48
wpwraktwo that are marked "bad" .. and indeed, they don't enumerate either ...12:48
wpwrakso that leaves just the one i already mentioned: 46303334383715081f2512:48
wpwraki should have a few more hidden somewhere, but these are all i could find right now12:49
stefan_schmidt4630333438371501040e should be one12:51
stefan_schmidtat least that is mentioned  here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_WPAN#Production_Notes12:51
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: anyway, noted the one you just posted12:51
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: That gives me six in total (Alex and mine added)12:52
stefan_schmidtno range, so it comes down to manual mapping :/12:52
wpwrakas it should be :)12:59
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