#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2015-05-19

rjeffrieswpwrak I agree the incubator model is not a great fitfor anelok00:58
wpwraknicksydney: hmm, firmware may be worth a look, to see if there's something they know about SWD that is missed this far. though i'm not sure if they actually got to that part02:17
wpwrakbut mchck seems to have it. hmm *.rb. looks like some bastard of MODULA-2 and Verilog :(02:22
rjeffriesYou may (or not) have seen this little board:13:18
wpwrakseen it. nick beat you to it by half a day ;-)13:19
rjeffriespeople sometimes allege I am not all here.17:57
rjeffriesor there17:57
rjeffrieswrong cahnnell lol17:57
--- Wed May 20 201500:00

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