#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2015-05-17

wpwrakyou guys should meet for a bottle of vodka or such ;-)01:13
wpwrak(whitequark's torture chamber" i guess 007 is beginning to get a little worried now. this encounter with the russians may not end as well for him as the previous ones :)01:14
whitequarkgiven that it is 200x160mm01:30
whitequarksomething awful is certainly bound to happen for the chamber to matter01:30
wpwrakthat's really tiny. poor 007 !01:34
rjeffries"The most successful crowdfunding campaigns are those in which the product is well along in the development stage." http://ow.ly/MXt1h01:45
rjeffrieswpwrak & his anelok are on the right trajectory01:47
SammyFoxanyone here?06:34
SammyFoxI'd just like to know if the nanonote is still for sale06:35
wpwrakSammyFox: as far as i know, no distributor has stock anymore (and they may have run out of it already a while ago)08:54
whitequarkre plane guy: he is not full of shit, FAA is also worried16:27
whitequarkor rather, was worried in 2008, with nothing being done about it16:27
whitequarkwhat the hell. cc kyak 16:27
kyakwhitequark: yeah, i think i remember that story18:07
kyakthe headline is yellowish, however, they make a point18:08
whitequarkthe headline is bullshit, the FAA pdf is what matters18:09
whitequarkso the story going around in infosec circles today is that someone wrote in an affidavit that they in fact did hack a plane18:09
whitequarkthere are all sorts of strange details about that, but it is very worrying18:10
kyakthis is one of the recent findings :)18:13
whitequarkyeah heard18:14
kyakby the way, DO-178 is more about safety, than security.. This should be changing as the technology changes18:14
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