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whitequarkkyak: I have recently learned that cars run entertainment and control systems on the same CPU because some shitbag can save a few dollars01:45
whitequarkI have also learned today that planes run these on the same network01:45
whitequarkI do not belive your claims that automotive has its shit together anymore01:46
wpwrakmaybe it's the less vital control systems. wiper temperature control and such :)01:47
whitequarknah, ECU and everything01:48
whitequarkdirect quote from a proud industry paper01:48
wpwrak"System resources for braking action required. Please terminate your turn in ''Angry Birds''."01:50
whitequark(note: the plane thing still might turn out to be shit, though it is already clear it's not a low-effort hoax)02:22
kyakwhitequark: modern cars have 40+ ECUs, and many times engine/powertrain/entertainment systems are developed by completed different providers and integrated by OEM. Partitioning (both hardware and software) is a vital part of ISO 26262 and DO-178. You are probably right anyway that saving money becomes more important for some manufacturers06:49
kyaksome asshat may come up with a crazy idea to save some money06:49
kyakwhat is that car you are talking about?06:50
kyaki bet it has bumpers made of paper06:50
whitequarkthis is the OEM that does it: http://www.redbend.com/en10:59
kyakhow do you know they do it?11:35
whitequarkthat's a quote from their paper11:48
kyakinteresting.. can you give a link?12:03
whitequarkthat was the first thing I found googling "automotove virtualization", there are easily more12:05
whitequarkI'm told this is a new trend12:06
whitequarkI would honestly dismiss that as a particularly inane conspiracy theory if that wasn't written in an industry whitepaper12:08
kyaki see.. it looks more like a "glance into the future"12:29
kyakthere is still a long way to go before it becomes possible (and permitted) in practice12:31
whitequarkthey seem to imply it is already being shipped...12:32
whitequarkI mean, yes, that thought did cross my mind12:32
kyakas far as i know, multicore processors are slowly making their way in automotive industry.. Processors are getting more powerful in general. The idea "why not to run more on the same embedded device" is therefore unavoidable12:32
kyakembedded operating systems also need to catch up.. so it's a long way to go12:35
Action: whitequark ponders what is the last mfg year from which it is acceptable to buy a car12:36
whitequarkyou can't go further than 1999 or so because of emission controls12:36
whitequark(I think?)12:36
larscanother trend is putting the car diagnostics into the cloud12:43
kyakwhitequark: if your car is already in Russia, it can be whatever you like - even Euro-0 :) emission regulations apply to newly manufactured and imported cars12:45
virichere two insurance companies offer discounts if you allow them to download all recorded digital data from your car12:58
viriconce a year I think12:59
viricthat includes the speed you used at highways, etc.12:59
viricthat's available for high-end cars13:00
kyakalso re-routes you took to your mistress :)13:07
virickyak: exactly13:59
whitequarkkyak: yeah I know that17:55
whitequarkbut it would be boring to remain inside RU all the time17:55
kyakif you mean that you won't be allowed into europe on such a vehicle, then my advice is not to bother about travelling to europe in your car anyway. Car rental is a better choice; most of the cost is not from rental, but from petrol18:42
whitequarkthat defeats the point of having a car that doesn't have half of its brain in some cloud18:43
whitequarkbut otherwise, yeah18:43
kyaki went from berlin to munster one weekend, and i paid majority of money for petrol, not for rental =\18:44
whitequarkI don't /travel/ on a car, that's silly. planes and trains ftw18:44
whitequarkI do want one for work though18:44
kyakdo you mean, going to work?18:45
whitequarkno, using it for work. I have spent the last few months, and few weeks especially, manufacturing a vacuum chamber18:45
whitequarkand all contractors are invariably located in some industrial zone in the outskirts of Moscow18:45
whitequarkI have probably spent more in traffic jams on MKAD than all my previous life combined18:46
kyakyeah, that can be bad18:46
kyakwhat's you current car?18:47
whitequarkI don't have one18:51
whitequarknot even a license18:51
kyakdid you take taxi (you said MKAD)?18:51
kyakanyway, don't bother about any of the modern middle-range cars being in cloud :) they are not yet18:53
whitequarkkyak: I did, but mostly it was in <0@H@CB:018:54
whitequarkif you want to get from a metro station to a suburb, it invariably involves a few km over MKAD18:54
whitequarkthe inner-city ones don't do that, of course, but I've been taking the suburban ones18:55
whitequarklike to 0;0H8E0 or something18:55
whitequarkright now in 0;0H8E0, in fact, in the machine shop that does tumbling18:58
whitequarkSaturday, 22:00, the director of this shop is here, natch, doing some odd fuckery to a stuck bearing or something18:59
whitequarkit used to be a company that distributes machine equipment such as tumblers or hydraulic presses or something, but then sanctions came and he converted the machinery he had for demos to pay for itself instead19:00
kyak0;0H8E0.. my home town for the last two years :)19:40
whitequarkah huh. I'm at 5A=>9 3>@>4>: bus stop, or rather near it19:42
kyakdamn you should be going home :)19:45
whitequarkpffff not done here yet19:45
kyakreading back, what's "tumbling"? and "tumbler"19:47
whitequarka method of polishing by vibrating your workpiece in a large box of tumbling media19:47
whitequarkusually alumina or zinconia balls19:47
whitequarkwell, more like... a method of surface finishing19:48
kyaki kind of understand.. what's it in russian?19:48
whitequarkdoesn't help, does it19:48
kyaksure does not. .that strange feeling when i don't know the word in russian as well :)19:49
whitequarki did not know the russian term but the chief engineer slash executive of this shop knew the english one19:49
kyakdo you have all you need to do you want, anyway?19:50
whitequarkwhat do you mean?19:50
kyakal you needed for the vacumm chamber19:51
whitequarkI have... most parts19:51
whitequarkI'm redesing one right now because the person I have contracted to weld it says the weld will fail after cycling19:51
kyakyou are doing some crazy shit.. i'm proud of you.. just saying :)19:53
kyakwhitequark: what's your plan for that vacuum chamber?19:57
kyakwhat does it do? what can it do?19:57
whitequarkit's a universal kinda thing, not done for a particular process20:36
whitequarkI will do RIE and magnetron sputtering in it20:36
whitequarkalso a vacuum induction oven20:37
whitequarkto melt metals you can't melt at atmospheric pressure20:37
whitequarkwe,,ll, more like with atmospheric oxygen20:52
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