#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2015-05-10

viricwhitequark: kyak: who are these? http://realpatriot.ru/participants/#13:48
viricThey have in the list the fascistest associations from Spain13:49
viricand not any bad for Germany and Italy13:50
whitequarkno clue13:50
viricThe "FundaciĆ³n Francisco Franco" is what would be "Adolf Hitler Foundation"13:51
whitequarkthey list promoting christianity as their goal13:52
whitequarknaturally, they would be fascists13:52
viricquoting Putin in first page.13:52
viricdon't worry; I just happened to see a mention to that realpatriot.ru forum13:54
kyakviric: first time i heard about it, dunno14:17
kyakviric: reading more, now i remember.. there was a lot of noise because of this "forum" being held in Saint-Petersburg14:19
kyakbasically yeah, they were called faschists in news14:20
kyakor maybe it's not them.. don't really care enough to find out14:22
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