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arossdotmewhere or how the heck do i have a 12v dc (batt powered) amp?! :/ that can power these 45w 4ohm car speakers that i've got my hands on.00:46
arossdotmecant find anything00:46
arossdotme25w, 30~w but no 40w+00:46
arossdotmei have found 50w+, 100s+ of watts amps  :(00:47
kristianpaularhuaco_: what about 9v? i think you can squeeze plenty power from those big batteries04:23
eintopfpcercuei: http://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers/networking-mac802154/adf7242 are you written this howto?11:02
eintopfehm, did you...11:02
eintopf"This version (01 Apr 2015 12:34) was approved by pcercuei."11:03
larsche's the master of 6lowpan11:06
eintopfah, but these stuff is already mainline and would like review patches for bringing the driver mainline :-) and we changed many stuff11:12
eintopfand don't name it zigbee!11:13
eintopf(registered trademark)11:13
pcercueiI should name it ZigBee" then11:14
eintopfno, you can't name it zigbee when you don't pay money and don't making zigbee and it's not approved by zigbee alliance11:14
eintopfthat's why the projectname is now renamed11:15
eintopfit's the same stuff like gnome and groupon, but the position is vice versa11:16
pcercueiwe don't advertise the adf7242 as supporting zigbee11:17
larscthe wikipage refers to the zigbee project, that should renamed to wpan-project11:17
eintopflarsc: already done11:18
eintopfand I will remove the trac wiki and such stuff11:19
eintopfit's obsolete11:19
eintopfI mean the trac wiki of sf stuff11:19
eintopfgrab the driver, bring it mainline. I will review it11:19
larscI mean the ADI wiki11:21
DocScrutinizer05((<arossdotme> i have found 50w+, ))  go for 50W. It's probably best you can do.14:49
whitequark50W isn't that much14:49
whitequarkespecially for a class D amp14:49
DocScrutinizer05and absolutely right for 45W speakers14:49
whitequarkeintopf: oh mainline already?14:50
DocScrutinizer05it's a funny question whether the speaker or the amp should have higher power ranking. When amp is stronger, then you could kill the speakers with too much power. But when speaker is stronger, you can also kill the speaker when amp runs into hard clipping and thus produces lots of high frequency components14:52
DocScrutinizer05usually hard clipping is considered more devastating to speakers than mild unclipped overload14:53
whitequarkcrap. I lost my atusb14:53
kyakin cafe? :) let's wait for it show up in news :)16:33
kyakwell.. you know how they find "lost" gadgets in cafes before release16:37
arossdotmeDocScrutinizer05, ok thanks , didnt know it was worse for the speakers to overload a under powered amp 18:41
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