#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2015-05-02

kyakwpwrak: you spoiled it :)08:36
wpwrakoops :)08:39
kyakhowever i wonder what was the initial hint.. did they ask for peoples' names before they came in? or did they take a picture and started from there?08:43
wpwraki guess they had the names and a bit of time to prepare. i.e., they probably asked them whether they'd participate in the experiment, then made them come a day later or so. that "live hacking" setup is probably just for show08:52
kyakyeah, makes sense14:15
larscwpwrak: I see a bootloader in your past...15:53
larsc... and a phone15:53
larscis that right?15:53
larscand a number 1...15:59
--- Sun May 3 201500:00

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