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DocScrutinizer05whitequark: http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2015/04/28/forest-fire-threatens-ukraines-chernobyl-nuclear-zone10:13
eintopfchernobyl :/10:24
DocScrutinizer05fires could re-suspend radiating material. Nobody knows exactly how much would get suspended into atmosphere when contaminated areas burn down10:32
DocScrutinizer05http://netc.com/ is vastly useless10:35
viricI didn't think about resuspending.10:35
whitequarkyeah, that's not nice for sure10:43
viricI have a chemical engineer from Kiev as neighbour; he moved out the country immediately after the melt.10:44
viricI don't know how well goes the reconstruction of the 2nd covering wall10:45
viricit was scheduled for ~2013 or so, isn't it?10:45
viricthe last I heard was that there was a shortage of money for that10:46
viricukraine also used that to preassure foreigners for providing a money supply10:47
viricEU specially10:47
viricit's like a man with bombs around the body, asking for money in front of you.10:49
viricit happened that most of incomming money was used for the world cup, back then10:51
viricwell, not necessarily "incoming".10:51
s904shi there is somebody? I wish to ask you something about an hardware issue that I'have11:12
DocScrutinizer05viric: 201711:17
viricDocScrutinizer05: 2017 was the original plan?12:51
DocScrutinizer05nope, I've read in one article today that some responsible international dude explained that due to last year's delays the date shifted from 2016 to 2017 - iirc12:52
DocScrutinizer05>>The project had been scheduled for completion by the end of this year but the EBRD said last year technical problems would delay it until late 2017.<< http://news.yahoo.com/forest-fire-near-ukraine-chernobyl-nuclear-officials-171649579.html13:00
wpwrakviric: (bomb belt and money) at least it wasn't spent on adding more bombs :)13:05
eintopfI don't understand the current situation in chernobyl. When the supergau(don't know if this is also the english word) occurs then it was UDSSR. Now who take care about chernobyl russia or ukraine?13:23
eintopfmaybe nobody13:23
viricthere is a common funding between EU, Russia, Ukranie, ...13:27
viricbut Ukranie is the main executor of tasks.13:28
viricfor what I understood13:28
eintopfah, ok.13:28
eintopfbut they have bigger problems now13:28
viricThe russian tsar13:28
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: remember the ATX 3.3V regulator madness?16:39
whitequarkwe figured out how it works16:39
whitequarktwo words: "magnetic amplifier"16:39
whitequark+3.3V rail is set by a so-called magnetic amplifier (magamp) comprised of saturable inductor L8, bipolar transistor Q15, diode D14, and control circuitry. Initial inductance of L8 is much higher than L9, so at the beginning of each switching cycle L8 prevents current from flowing through D28. Then L8 rapidly saturates and D28 begin conducting. The blocking time depends on the reset16:39
whitequark currnt through Qh15 and D14, which in turn is set by shunt regulator M9.16:39
whitequarkbizarre shit16:40
DocScrutinizer05waitwaitwait, this is a completely different schematics16:47
whitequarkyes, it's a bit different16:49
whitequarkbut same principle16:49
whitequarkoriginal one is at http://www.pavouk.org/hw/atxps.png if you lost the link16:49
whitequarkit seems to do the saturating inductor trick only on one half-wave though16:49
whitequarkwhich is weird16:49
DocScrutinizer05I said that back when16:50
whitequarkI didn't get it then16:50
DocScrutinizer05it's weird since the drover is symmetrical16:50
DocScrutinizer05weird "transductor" thing is the right one of the upper 3 coils of T2 in http://www.pavouk.org/hw/atxps.png16:52
whitequarkit uses positive feedback through T2 to avoid having to drive Q1/Q2 with large base current16:58
whitequarkTL494 opens Q1/Q2 a bit through T2, which start to conduct and thus raise the primary current, which opens them even more16:58
whitequarkand at some point TL494 decides to stop the cycle based on feedback and shorts T216:58
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