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DocScrutinizer05suckers!! https://dev.ti.com/about#about_pinmux  works without windows aiui, but it doesn't support the SoC I'm interested in02:05
DocScrutinizer05I prolly need to buy windows and install it to a VM, just to run this damn pinmux tool02:06
DocScrutinizer05LOL, checking " LAUNCHXL2-TMS57012-RM46" processors.wiki.ti.com/images/c/c1/LAUNCHXL2_TMS57012_RM46_REVA.pdf schematics and first detail I see is this awesome FAULT INJECT: http://wstaw.org/m/2015/04/25/plasma-desktopZO1950.png02:30
kristianpaulkyak: some how that remind me resin.io02:52
kyakkristianpaul: yeah, they seem to share some ideas11:52
wpwrak(fault inject) nice :)13:05
qwebirc30533oh well nick issues again13:11
qwebirc30533wpwrak & others will explain why this is prolly a terrible idea: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aijuboard13:12
wpwrakhow is it a bad idea ? you should get one or two of these :)13:17
whitequarkplan 9? seriously?13:17
wpwrakjust the plan 9 bit seems willfully nonsensical13:17
wpwrakwhitequark: guess it's the genious / idiot correlation again13:18
whitequarkotherwise, uhhhhh13:18
wpwrakmeh, genius13:18
whitequarka zynq-7000 devboard for $189 retail13:19
whitequarkinstead of $500 maybe13:19
whitequarkwith pretty much the same featureset?13:19
wpwrak16 MHz slower. unusable :)13:20
whitequark1/2 as much RAM and no SATA, alright13:22
whitequarkis that worth waiting five months?13:23
whitequarka kickstarter makes sense when you want to start a business13:23
whitequarkthe amusing part is there /are/ great kickstarters. the hackrf thing, or that fault injection thing13:25
whitequarkbut he fails to bring these, somehow13:25
wpwrakit's sufficient to get rjeffries excited. what more could you wish for ? :)13:27
rjeffries_that's too funny13:27
rjeffries_I don't give a damn about the Plan 9 bit. sheesh13:28
rjeffries_is the board relativly open hardware in your opinion, or not?13:29
whitequarkas much as FPGA boards go13:30
rjeffries_side note, unrelated: I use CIRC Chrome extension. Not bad. It pops up notifications in the lower right corner of my screen when I am mentioned. That's rather cool.13:31
rjeffries_womeone was working on magic sauce to open FPGA development. Trying to remember who. LOL he also was a moving force behind Ben Nanopnote. But went POOF.13:32
larscthere are many different zynq with different number in fpga resources, this board has the one with the lowest13:34
wpwrakhe adopted a demeanour congruent to his ambitions :)13:35
rjeffries_larc so does this example have enough LUTS availabe to do interesting stuff?15:58
larscwell you can blink a LED, that's for sure17:04
larscdepends all on what you thing is interesting17:18
larscit is certainly larger than a CPLD17:18
larscbut is is multiple times smaller than the larger FPGA17:18
larscfactor 10 maybe17:18
rjeffries_so e.g. not nearly enough resources to accelerate e.g. encryption? and now, moving on17:21
rjeffries_which is why I asked.17:22
larscdepends on how fast you want to get and how much data at once17:23
larscit's all relative17:23
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