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mthlarsc: what is the preferred way to make an auto-selected driver? select at the SoC level + depends in the driver, or "def_bool y if" in the driver?09:53
mthI saw the latter in the 4780 pinctrl driver and though it was elegant, but pcercuei says it is not the right way to do it09:54
mththe system won't work without drivers like pinctrl, irqchip, clk etc10:34
mthso if you build for 4740/70/80, those drivers should automatically be enabled in the config10:35
larscIn that case the symbol should not be user selectable and the SOC symbol select in the driver symbols it needs10:35
larscand no depends10:36
mthnot user selectable == no prompt string?10:36
larscit makes no sense to make it user selectable if it is mandatory anyway10:37
mthI agree, I just wanted to check whether omitting the prompt string is the right implementation for that10:37
mthbut why "select from SoC" instead of "def_bool y if" in driver?10:37
larscbecause then all the SoCs that need it can select it10:38
mthselect doesn't respect dependencies, which can be an issue10:38
larsconly if there are dependencies ;)10:39
mthpinctrl has dependencies10:39
mthclk doesn't have dependencies declared, but I think it actually has some, but those are selected at the SoC level now10:40
pcercueiat least10:41
mthCOMMON_CLK, I assume10:42
mthah, it does depend on COMMON_CLK by menu scope10:42
qwebirc79114I am looking to purchase the ATUSB 802.15.2 USB dongle.  Are they still available?20:26
DocScrutinizer05impatient visitor20:36
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