#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2015-04-14

mthlarsc: in Linux 4.0, commit ab85b120e, as part of a big cleanup the description of MFD_JZ4740_ADC was changed to "Janz JZ4740 ADC core", but this is incorrect, I think04:40
larscI think so too06:07
sb0wpwrak, yes, I heard that customizing keyboard PCBAs (e.g. programming eeproms) would have been too expensive16:36
sb0which is the excuse for this additional piece of USB shittiness16:36
whitequarksb0: that's not very believable16:37
whitequarklaptops are routinely customized per country, e.g. this is done for WiFi at least16:38
eintopfthere exist keyboards with dip switches for programmable keys16:40
eintopf(also switching layouts)16:40
wpwraksb0: yes, that's the lame excuse they give. maybe that's been valid at the time of the 2nd war ... punic war ...17:08
DocScrutinizer05for a kbd that costs 9 bucks I guess adding any component to make it programmable or configurable is a real concern21:20
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