#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2015-04-09

--- Thu Apr 9 201500:00
paul_boddiepcercuei: I found some device tree support for the jz4740 in the gcwnow 3.19 branch, but am I correct in assuming that the NanoNote support for DT is incomplete?21:55
pcercueiI don't know21:56
pcercueibut larsc made a jz-3.18-dt branch here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/source/tree/jz-3.18-dt/21:56
paul_boddieThe 3.19 branch also has dtsi files for jz4740 and jz4770. It's all very confusing.21:58
paul_boddieThe jz4770 file seems a lot more complete, though.21:58
pcercueithe jz4780 tree for the ci20 is the most complete22:00
pcercueiwe're working on moving the jz4770 tree to devicetree22:00
pcercueithe MIPS guys who work on the jz4780 are trying to update the jz4740 when possible22:00
paul_boddieI guess I'll have to look at all the different trees again. :-/22:01
paul_boddieAre you using DT for the GCW-Zero?22:01
pcercueihalf DT, half platform code22:05
pcercueiwe started moving to DT this year22:05
pcercueiso it's still very fresh22:06
paul_boddieOK. Well, I'll try and find the most advanced jz4740 support and see how far I get.22:09
paul_boddieThanks for the advice, anyway! :-)22:19
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