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rjeffrieswpwrak would sense to add anelok in the description for this channel. More a focus that Ben NanoNote these days04:06
wpwrakpsst .. not so loud. you wouldn't want to scare my internet connection.04:30
wpwrakfor it's a shy and fragile thing ...04:30
wpwrakregarding adding anelok to the channel topic, well, if anyone does it, it won't complain. not sure if anyone actually pays attention to these things, though :)04:33
kyaksudo topic :)04:39
wpwrakwhee ! thanks ! :)04:40
DocScrutinizer05ooh anelok04:41
rjeffrieswhat is this Ben Anelok of which you speak?04:42
wpwrakit has a nice "low battery" indication: the display flickers heavily, yet the device's power situation is still very far from upsetting the CPU04:42
DocScrutinizer05fair enough04:43
wpwrak(looking at the one unit that's been on battery power since march 28. still operational, despite a "standby" current of some 0.9 mA. it does seem to drain the 2032 about twice as fast as i would have expected. but then, 0.9 mA is pretty abnormal anyway.)04:44
rjeffriesDouble A is looking better and better04:45
wpwrakAA is very big. AAA may be necessary, though. but let's see. i'd like to keep the small form factor. AAA would add a bulge and also make it less symmetric.04:46
rjeffriesOne could conceive of industrial design of case that is round on bottom. might feel nice in the hand.04:47
wpwrakoverall volume would go up by some 20%. not horrible, but every cubic mm counts04:48
wpwrakhmm, i think it would be more like a wedge04:48
wpwraksave some mm by not having the PCB under/above the battery04:49
DocScrutinizer05that might actually look nice and ergonomic04:52
wpwrakand hell to make with my mill :)04:52
DocScrutinizer05that too04:52
DocScrutinizer05you obviously need a whole new case concept for that04:53
rjeffriesI'm thinking it might be rather cool. There's a high-end music player out recently that if memory serves, is packaged in a triangular shape case, nt sure why they did it04:53
wpwrakbut yes, it may look fairly nice. not so sure about ergonomic. the current design is pretty good for two-hand operation. one hand would be an option ... ah, lemme try it ...04:54
DocScrutinizer05hmm, we need a sketch04:54
DocScrutinizer05you lost me04:54
wpwrakwow, feels very weird. the behaviour of the slider chances quite a bit if you touch it with the side of the thumb04:55
DocScrutinizer05since I'm poor at sketching, is it faintly like http://www.voelkner.de/products/38974/Pult-Gehaeuse-Hit-Pult.html what we're talking about?04:55
wpwrakyes, that sort of shape04:57
DocScrutinizer05looks ideal for placing on a table04:58
DocScrutinizer05I know the size and weight is so small it gets tricky with attached cables04:58
wpwrakanelok is more the hand-held type. and yes, if you connect a cable, the cable rules, not the inertia of the device :)04:59
DocScrutinizer05anyway that shape of case seems pretty feasible even with your mill05:00
DocScrutinizer05just the concept of 2 quasi-symmetric halfes would have to change05:01
DocScrutinizer05rather build it similar to what's shown in http://www.voelkner.de/products/38974/Pult-Gehaeuse-Hit-Pult.html05:02
DocScrutinizer05regarding shape of parts05:02
wpwrak(inertia) 18.2 g :) but with some extra cables that wouldn't be in a "normal" device05:03
DocScrutinizer05up to you if you make the flat part the bottom or the display05:03
DocScrutinizer0518.2g suffice for a USB plugged to center of "backside"05:04
DocScrutinizer05might even work for 90° angle USB plug and L05:05
wpwrakwell, the connector is on the "front" side. actually has better mechanical properties (though it's there simply because that's how i could make everything fit)05:05
wpwraksee also http://anelok.com/test/05:05
DocScrutinizer05ooh, then no problem05:06
DocScrutinizer05prolly even better would be jack on left or right small side, with a mandatory 90° plug cable05:21
wpwrakwith this form factor, that's not possible. i have the battery on one side and the antenna on the other. with a wedge, the AAA battery would be on a long side and i'd put USB on a short side.05:27
wpwrakbut i wouldn't require 90 deg cables ;-)05:27
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: a straight cable will tirn you device along long axis05:28
DocScrutinizer05maybe you could put the USB to backside, next to left or right corner. Then you need straight cable05:29
DocScrutinizer05AAA max length 44.50mm05:32
DocScrutinizer05plus holder05:33
DocScrutinizer05usb would add a ?? 5mm on top, 8mm?05:33
DocScrutinizer05maybe you can find a way to mount it upright (tricky) then it's only a 3mm max05:34
wpwrakusb would be at Y- of the AAA. since the AAA is very fat, there wuold be plenty of Z room for USB (USB is also fat, but now nearly as bad as AAA)05:34
wpwrakcable forces are not such a big issue. if they're inconvenient, then you just grab the connector05:36
DocScrutinizer05please rephrase05:36
wpwrakAAA axis would be parallel to X axis. let's say Y = Z = 005:36
wpwrakthen USB insertion movement would also be parallel to X, maybe Y = -10 mm, Z = whatever works05:37
DocScrutinizer05a micro USB receptacle is deeper than wide05:38
wpwraki.e., AAA would be "rear", then USB, similar to where it's on the Ben, then the thin side of the wedge05:38
wpwrakmmh, i don't think so. lemme check ...05:38
DocScrutinizer05how wide is anelok now?05:39
wpwrak(in any case, depth is no issue)05:39
wpwraksee anelok.com/test :)05:39
DocScrutinizer05I don't see any measures there05:39
wpwrakdid you hover ?05:39
DocScrutinizer05well it's easter, nevertheless05:40
wpwrakhover over the case and you get the measures05:40
DocScrutinizer05you really should add tags05:40
DocScrutinizer05visible tags to hover 05:40
wpwrakmicro-usb: depth 5-5.6 mm, width 7.5-8.8 mm, height 2.5-3 mm05:40
wpwrakthere's a reason why it's called "test" :)05:41
wpwrakyou said deeper than wide :)05:41
DocScrutinizer05sorry, no coffee05:41
DocScrutinizer05anyway, a upright "riser" board for one of the battery contacts and the USB would result in convenient 3mm X width for the USB, heading to back of case which is higher than 8.8mm05:43
DocScrutinizer05such "riser" board easily fixes into two slots in case05:44
DocScrutinizer05just an idea05:44
DocScrutinizer05I see anelok X = 67 mm now, AAA = 45.50mm max05:45
DocScrutinizer05AAA dia max: 10.50mm05:46
DocScrutinizer05HEY, you prolly even could use the very USB jack sleeve for minus/GND contact of AAA05:50
DocScrutinizer05well, maybe the shape isn't ideal for this purpose05:51
wpwrakno, it isn't :)05:51
wpwrakand i wouldn't put the connector at X+ of the battery, but at Y-05:52
wpwrakthink part of the wedge = battery. medium part = connectors. thin part = just PCB and thin stuff05:52
wpwrakthe battery is already very long. adding somthing to make the assembly even longer would be bad05:53
DocScrutinizer05I see anelok X = 67 mm now, AAA = 45.50mm max05:54
DocScrutinizer05you're actually wasting space05:54
wpwraki would then put the slider on top of the battery05:54
wpwrakso it would be on the long side05:55
DocScrutinizer05that makes think end even bulkier, no?05:55
wpwraknot really. the slider is thin. else, i would have a lot of completely unused case surface05:56
DocScrutinizer05sidenote on lanyard hole: not very suited for keyrings05:57
DocScrutinizer05but then...05:57
DocScrutinizer05I mean, for a ring the thing should be as wide as it's deep05:59
wpwrakno keyring :)05:59
DocScrutinizer05ideally with rounded edges of the hole anyway05:59
wpwrakbut a standard lanyard fits very nicely05:59
DocScrutinizer05you want at least a 1mm radius there06:00
wpwraknaw, where would be the fun in that ? they have to be razor-sharp, with a diamond inlay so that they cut through the lanyard within seconds ;-))06:00
wpwrakthe standard cell phone / camera type lanyards seem to fit nicely. i tried the one from my ancient garmin, which is the usual size (goes around the neck, not the smaller ones from cameras that go around the wrist)06:02
wpwraki was too lazy to round the edges, though. but the nylon or whatever it is made of appear to be tough enough :)06:03
rjeffrieswpwrak your "what if" discussion re revised case w/AAA rather than CR2032 is encouraging12:47
rjeffrieslooking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AAA_battery12:49
rjeffriesone benefit is in AAA size is variety of batter chemistries available.12:54
rjeffriesLithium Iron Disulfide Li FeS2 has advantage of exceptionally low self-discharge if I understand correctly12:57
wpwrakhmm, seems that the nighttime internet curfew is beginning again ...23:14
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