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kyakthe positioning of msp432 is now "low power" in comparison to msp430 which is "ultra low power" :)04:38
kyakthe naming is confusing.. they've changed the architecture of msp430 radically, and named it msp43204:39
kyakwhen they didn't change the architecture of Stellaris a bit, but named it TivaC :)04:40
kyakhow do you say?.. ah, asshats!04:42
wpwrakyeah, calling it "msp432" doesn't sound like a very smart move. i'm sure i'm not the only one who'll just think it's just some more msp-what-was-the-number-of-these-old-critter-again, and ignore it05:20
larscthe people who assign the names don't care about the architecture, if it provides the same functionallity, its part of the same family06:48
viricasshat ?08:08
kyakquite popular08:10
kyaki actually liked this word, tend to use it sometimes :)08:10
kyakeven better08:12
viricI'm interested in the nuances when ass means the animal, or means the arse.08:23
viricso thank you :)08:24
Action: eintopf don't understand the discussion08:33
larscdont worry08:49
larscyou are not missing anything08:49
whitequarkviric: the arse09:29
whitequark"head up your ass" ie wearing it as a hat09:29
viricthanks, I also interpreted it as arse.09:34
viricIt's tricky to track, because "you are an ass" is the animal09:35
larscbtw the german word for ace is ass09:43
viricAs in catalan too. The cards game card you mean, right?09:44
larscyea, or if somebody is really good at something he is a Ass-...09:45
kyakoh, i only knew "donkey"11:46
viriclarsc: ah, I see about the fun your ass.11:48
viricof your ass11:49
viricI mean your Ass, of course.11:53
viricThe capital of Ass matters.11:54
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