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viricdamn soldering of earphone cables.09:16
virichow to solder them well? They have a plastic core in the middle09:16
whitequarkdo it really quickly.09:31
whitequarkput a blob of flux on it, press it against whatever you want to solder, use the iron at, say... 230° or 250°09:31
whitequarktouch it for half a second to a second09:32
whitequarkyou'll get away with almost no damage to plastic09:32
viricI really don't master that.09:34
viricthe soldering is always too bad.09:35
viricthe result soldering.09:35
whitequarkdo you use enough flux and a decent iron?09:47
whitequarkthe iron they use to solder galvanized buckets won't work09:47
viricthere is much to say about the decency of my soldering09:48
arossdotmei have my solder wire sticking up and i hold the wire near it and with the soldering iron i go up and down and melt/burn awy the plaseic and in the end the wire gets tined so i can solder it to the contact like i normaly wood11:56
arossdotmewhile leting/burning away the pastice core i'l consertinuarly adding more solder at the same time which helps to clean it11:56
arossdotmeconstantly 11:57
DocScrutinizer05prolly ideally you crimp 16:05
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: I'd use 280 .. 30016:07
DocScrutinizer05but then I usually do such stuff without using extra flux, just decent soldering wire16:08
wpwrakfunny. upgrading ubuntu, at "ca-certificates configuration" it asks me to "During upgrades, new certificates will be added. Please choose those you trust."18:09
wpwraknow, do i trust, say, DigiCert_Assured_ID_Root_G3.crt ? or maybe QuoVadis_Root_CA_1_G3.crt ?18:10
wpwraklooks like a shining example an eight-line highway diligently paved with the best of intentions, leading straight to hell18:11
wpwrakeight-lAne, even :)19:10
viricin a cyanogenmod update, the stock browser disabled the privacy setting "show security warnings".19:11
viricall https certificates were ok.19:12
viricyes, there is a setting "show security warnings".19:12
wpwrakin a way, one could consider this a correct decision: most of the security warnings are pointless and just confuse.19:20
viricwell, disabling it means "ignore silently any security warning"19:24
wpwraksaves people the work to click away the incomprehensible technobabble :)19:25
wpwrakand of course, once they're conditioned, they'll also miss the one they should have paid attention to19:26
viricvery useful.19:26
wpwrakthe problem is relevance vs. coverage. the current approach of complain about every small issue maximizes coverage but has lousy relevance.19:27
viricmost people should not encounter much https alerts19:28
wpwrakwhat could solve that problem is a list of "important" sites. e.g., sites where abuse can do serious damage. e.g., banks, major portals, etc.19:28
wpwrakoh, go anywhere with a self-signed certificate and the browsers will bitch with no end.19:29
wpwrakof course, that's a total relevance failure19:29
wpwrak("important sites") of course with the inherent issue that a site that's important to you may not be on that list19:30
wpwrakespecially if a site has very heterogeneous usage profiles19:31
wpwrakat a bank, profiles are pretty much identical19:31
wpwrakat, say, an amateur porn site, they may be very different19:32
wpwrake.g., someone may register just to be able to click on some "like" button or to comment19:32
wpwrakother people may post their pictures, maintain contacts, etc.19:33
wpwrak... and before you know it, you have "the fappening, the sequel"19:33
wpwrak(so yes, that apple stuff pretty much qualifies as part-time amateur porn site ;-)19:33
wpwrakwell, one possibility would be to come up with a way to let the browser know whether something "important" is being done. then it could complain only in such cases.19:36
wpwrakbut how do you do this ?19:37
rohanybody an idea how to find a unknown defective switching regulator only by its package markings? i really hate those sot23 style markings (2-5 chars random)22:52
rohi got something that makes an unknown voltage from 12V dc together with something that would be a external fet (from its wiring) and i only know its labeled 'BNSP' and has 5 pins..22:53
rohlinear calls it the S-5 marking, but it seems not all pdf do that so nice ;)22:53
wpwrakgo to digi-key, filter down to all that match, then look at the data sheets ? :)23:27
rohwpwrak: done that.. didnt find it...23:44
rohwell... back to ebay with that piece of crap23:44
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