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DocScrutinizer05OMG, TV tortured me with "Zerkalnie voyni: Otrazhenie pervoye" aka "Kommando Stählerner Tiger"  --  one of the movies so incredibly bad you can't stop staring in disbelief02:45
wpwraklarsc: oh, now i get your remark about google code :) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/12/google_code_shutdown/03:28
wpwrakkristianpaul: should this have gone to the list ?05:28
kyak"we are sorry"07:10
wpwrakkristianpaul: shouldn't the questions you mailed me last night have gone to the list ?14:07
kristianpaulwpwrak: /me facepalm14:11
kristianpaulOr i should say was K9 fault ;-D14:12
kyakha! if it was psychosomatic, how would small children get ill with measles?15:50
viricpsychosomatic means of BOTH psyche and soma15:56
viriche didn't say "psychic"15:57
viricmaybe he meant "psychic", but he said psychosomatic. :)16:00
kyakpsychosomatic means that psycho (mind) affects somatic (body)16:20
viricnot in my particular world.16:25
wpwrakbrain in a jar ... :)16:27
kyakthis joke surely had a long start... 16:34
eintopfjava archive?17:16
eintopfat my university, we have one professor with the name JARASS17:17
eintopfand we always makes jokes about jar ass17:17
viricyour arse?17:18
eintopfhe isn't friendly17:18
eintopfso he is a...17:18
eintopfoh I saw badly some foreign sudents at the front of the course17:19
eintopfand he wasn't friendly...17:19
eintopfand the reason was because it was a foreign student17:19
eintopfno jokes, I hated it17:21
eintopfbecause he couldn't wrote his name on the board17:21
wpwraki guess you get a little grumpy when you hear jokes about your name all the time and students fall off their chairs, laughing, each time you introduce yourself ...17:30
eintopfwpwrak: yes but the professor make a show about that nobody can really write his name18:36
eintopfand lastname alsways UPPER LATTERS18:36
eintopfbecause in asia area, all people do that18:36
eintopfand yes, I see this also on netdev :D18:36
wpwrakyou don't have to travel so far. in france, they do it, too18:40
eintopfI was never outside europe18:41
eintopfokay I was in switzerland18:41
wpwrakfrance actually happens to be in europe :)18:43
eintopfyea, I was there18:46
eintopftodays party19:31
Action: eintopf don't like hip hop19:33
wpwrakfrom meat market to abattoir ... how things progress :)19:36
wpwrakkristianpaul: do you wanna repost or shall i just quote you in a reply to the list ?19:36
kristianpaulwpwrak: replu is okay19:51
DocScrutinizer05(([2015-03-13 Fri 19:41:06] <eintopf> I was never outside europe [2015-03-13 Fri 19:41:16] <eintopf> okay I was in switzerland))  ROTFL, nice one ;-P21:35
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