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DocScrutinizer05yes, exactly this one02:23
wpwrakhmm, i still have my doubts. just because you can buy it doesn't necessarily mean that it will work :)02:29
DocScrutinizer05you know Germany? Guess what happens when you buy sth in a shop like Conrad that doesn't work02:35
wpwrakso they don't sell penis enlargement in .de ? ;-)02:36
DocScrutinizer05not that I know of02:37
DocScrutinizer05never searched for it thoigh, so I can't tell for sure02:37
DocScrutinizer05actually even TV commercials with obviously incorrect claims are forbidden02:38
DocScrutinizer05even such commercials with absolutely non-verifiable claims are already critical. Particularly when those claims are about health of nutrition (functional food?)02:41
wpwrakyeah ... "dasch waescht am weissesten" usw. besides a few technicalities, i remember german advertising as being just as dishonest as anywhere else ;-)02:42
DocScrutinizer05maybe it was a 20 or 30 years ago02:42
wpwrakactually, when i read in c't of all the dirty things companies do to their customers, all those fancy laws don't seem to help much02:44
DocScrutinizer05"up to 16Mbyte bandwidth"... UP TO02:44
DocScrutinizer05WHO THE FSCK CARES?02:44
wpwrakhehe :)02:44
DocScrutinizer05I wanna know what I'm *guaranteed* to get02:45
wpwrakzero or more ;-)02:45
DocScrutinizer05that's our honest commercials02:45
wpwrakwell, bandwidth is tricky02:45
wpwrakbtw, that cable is cheap. you could get one and see if it gives you happiness or becomes a new source of frustration02:46
DocScrutinizer05yeahm but they sell you a "up to 16Mbit" internet, and when you get 1Mbit, you pay the same and cannot cancel the contract either02:47
DocScrutinizer05happy guy when you have a contract for only 3 months then02:48
DocScrutinizer05usually they are 24 months02:48
wpwrakstrong laws also mean that angry customers can't just stop paying and disappear :)02:50
DocScrutinizer05and when switchng internet provider, you again need tons of luck to not fall in between the cliffs and are without _any_ internet for the next 12 months02:50
wpwrakyes, i read "vorsicht kunde" :)02:51
DocScrutinizer05with provider_new telling provider_old doesn't hand over the line, and old tells that new never asked for it02:51
wpwrakand i always wonder whether germany still has colonies in the 3rd world :)02:51
DocScrutinizer05no, we're our own 3rd world colony02:52
wpwrakmass-masochism ;-)02:52
DocScrutinizer05that's called industry ran by capitalism. The people is only involved as far as idiocy matters02:55
DocScrutinizer05Germans for sure have a general hang om some sort of masochism, but that's completely unrelated and irrelevant here02:56
DocScrutinizer05masochism starts at Ikea at Saturdays ;-)02:57
DocScrutinizer05it's the neo-liberal BS that results in this wild-west capitalism02:59
DocScrutinizer05DB not investing anymore into their rails, so all trains get delayed and some stations completely abandoned, that's just to make the IPO(?) at stock exchange work. Nobody wants late trains, and abandoned stations and all that with even higher prices for the tickets03:01
DocScrutinizer05not masochism either. Just political idiocy based on neo-liberalism03:03
DocScrutinizer05politics is just executive of industry, since quite some time already03:07
DocScrutinizer05they can only decide where industry doesn't think lobbying is worth the money03:08
DocScrutinizer05or "as long as"03:10
DocScrutinizer05for example: did you know you can earn money by consuming electrical power? HUGE amounts of electrical power03:12
DocScrutinizer05like 100s of MW03:12
DocScrutinizer05then you can sell your ability to consume that much power, and make a few pence per kWh03:13
wpwrakyeah, nice :)03:14
DocScrutinizer05I wonder if breweries would pay me for drinking beer03:18
DocScrutinizer05but nah, they rather pay the landfill for taking a 1000 t of apples, than giving them away for free03:20
DocScrutinizer05or look at that extended shelf life milk crap. I don't know any masochist who *wants* that poor quality milk, even while it admittedly keeps "fesh" a few days longer (when you're lucky and the extended life wasn't used up in shelf). Nevertheless it's nearly impossible to find _normal_ milk anywhere, since for the shops and the whole supply chain it's simply more convenient to deal with ESL shit03:25
wpwrakhmm, if that already upsets you, then i better don't tell you the ugly truth about milk and expiration dates :)03:41
DocScrutinizer05wouldn't know which truth might hide there that's not easily experienced in daily life03:50
DocScrutinizer05anyway what upstes me is not the expiration date but the vanishing of good tasty milk03:51
wpwrakhm, checked and it may in fact be a myth. gotta ask my source ...03:51
wpwrakthis one (with claim that the theory is wrong): http://www.packagingeurope.com/Packaging-Europe-News/28159/Tetra-Pak-Romania-invalidates-repasteurized-milk-rumours.html03:54
DocScrutinizer05it doesn't even sound like worth reading03:55
DocScrutinizer05tetra pak already sounds like H-"milk"03:55
DocScrutinizer05Romania too03:56
DocScrutinizer05I'm talking about the stuff that expires and gets sour (not mouldy) 4-7 days after production03:56
DocScrutinizer05not that toxic stuff that has exoiration dates of $NOW + 5 months03:57
DocScrutinizer05>>The electronic message is accompanied by an **UHT** Tetra Pak milk box...<< MEH!03:59
DocScrutinizer05I'm refusing to drink that stuff03:59
wpwrakyeah, healthy living is important. no smoking, no alcohol, regular exercise, ... oh, wait ! :)04:00
DocScrutinizer05fsck no, I want tasty stuff, no crap04:00
DocScrutinizer05healthy... PFFF04:00
wpwrakok, toxins are okay then. but they have to taste good. some milk flavouring agent perhaps ? :)04:01
DocScrutinizer05they seem incapable to find one that would make UHT milk bearable04:02
DocScrutinizer05rather I often wonder if the feed the cows with wild garlic that give the milk for UHT04:04
DocScrutinizer05they* dammit04:04
DocScrutinizer05I don't even ejoy latte macciato that's prepared with UHT milk04:05
DocScrutinizer05it tastes awful04:06
DocScrutinizer05and ESL milk is UHT in disguise04:07
DocScrutinizer05they don't heat it to 120°C but only to 108°C or sth like that04:07
wpwrakwith GMO garlic :)04:09
Democonyoo sup?07:01
larscwpwrak: I hope you didn't consider migrating to google code20:43
wpwraklarsc: hah, that indeed didn't occur to me :) is that even in the same league ? naw, thinking of github20:53
whitequarkwpwrak: i mentioned github doesn't trap your data? you can export it easily20:56
whitequarke.g. try this20:59
whitequarkcurl -v -H 'Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json' https://api.github.com/repos/ocaml/ocaml/issues20:59
wpwraknice (i think :)21:04
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