#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2015-03-09

--- Mon Mar 9 201500:00
wpwrakphew. not nice for an ancient pc in a key role in my network to get a senility attack just when i'm having fun with a barbecue ...10:32
viricbarbecues are supported only in recent pcs10:33
wpwrakmeh. in the 90es, tvs were already better than that :)19:35
eintopfI don't remember these times19:38
eintopfbut it was a good time when somebody ported dos filesystem to linux ;) somewhere at 9319:38
wpwrakwasn't that in '92 ?19:39
wpwrakthat came much later :)19:40
viricit was a good idea19:40
wpwraki didn't quite trust it :) but yes, if that's what you needed, why not19:41
eintopfand somebody programmed pstree19:41
wpwrakguilty as charged :)19:41
eintopfand today some students sitting in "intoduction into computer science" and typed "pstree" in his terminal19:43
eintopftrue story19:43
larscstanding on the shoulders of giants19:47
eintopfand also the students need to insert in some textarea what "pstree" exactly does19:49
eintopfehm, not exactly - printout explanation only.19:49
viricthere was that doom for processes19:55
--- Tue Mar 10 201500:00

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