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arossdotmeok what about eoma-68 then?00:25
arossdotmeoff topic: i have a 4.3 inch compersite input lcd thats pwoered off 12v. it's a recent one that has a ultr compacte pcb but it does have points to solder wires too like a 3.3v one to power it. i have checked the power chicp and it outputs 3.3~V. anyway so i tried powering it via 3.3V but it switches on and off. the picture is displayed and litgh up for less then 1sec and then off and on, it repeats.00:28
arossdotmetheres a rpi forum thread about these mods but theres no anwser for this pcb. on prev mods they remove the pwr IC and someone removed a inductor and i think a cap. looking at the cirect diagram it looks like i also want to remove/cut some restors as well.00:29
arossdotmeI don't really want to make this mod as i'ld like to be able to pwer it from 12v still00:30
arossdotmeand to not risk damaerging it00:30
arossdotme / cockup00:30
arossdotmebut i would love to run it off a smaller batt pack00:31
arossdotmesmaller and lighter!00:31
arossdotmethe wieght is killing me00:31
arossdotmeit works of a min of 6V. maybe theres a not to bad dc-dc that bosts the voltage upto 6V?00:32
arossdotmeso i could use some old  li-ion batts00:33
arossdotmethis is for my diy camera rig00:34
whitequarkwpwrak: http://solvespace.com/09:27
whitequarkappears to be a really, really nice parametric 3D CAD09:27
whitequarkthey only ship windows binaries for some obscure reason, but you can build it yourself from https://github.com/rlutz/solvespace. autoconf as usual09:28
whitequarkand unlike freecad it actually works very well09:28
whitequarka nice part is that it can also solve constraints in 3D09:29
virichm I remember this thing09:31
viricthe video is quite impressive.09:31
whitequarki don't know how i haven't seen it earlier09:31
whitequarkit looks absolutely amazing09:31
viricdid you build it?09:32
whitequarki ran it under virtualbox :]09:32
whitequarkafter that i discovered that it's actually FOSS09:32
viricI remember as if I couln't build it for linu09:32
viricmaybe two years ago09:33
whitequarkyes that should be fixed in the repo09:33
whitequarkthere's a recent forum thread about that09:33
viricah we have it in nixpkgs09:40
viricwhitequark: I tried to draw an object and I failed to constrain it. :)09:47
viricthis is, I failed to draw it09:52
viricI needed some centering for symmetry, and I couldn't achieve it.09:53
whitequarkgot a pic?09:54
wpwrakwhitequark: looks interesting. i wonder if they support also variables, maybe even expressions, not just constants ? 11:54
viric90+45 works11:54
viricthe UI is quite that of a videogame. :)11:55
whitequarkwpwrak: no, not really11:56
whitequarkthe code is quite readable11:56
whitequarkand unlike freecad with the horror that is opencascade, it's easily maintainable.11:57
viricopencascade are a few lines of code11:57
whitequarkviric: can you open http://rghost.net/75qGtXsJF and say if it looks like https://imgur.com/648lAcq ?11:59
whitequarkrendering on linux seems broken, somehow11:59
wpwrakwhat's horrible about opencascade ? at least on freecad the primitives i access in scripts are at an appropriate level of abstraction, underneath it all is opencascade11:59
wpwrakand the really important thing is that opencascade actually works for "ideal" geometries :) unlike, say, cgal12:00
whitequarkwpwrak: the sheer amount of it12:01
wpwrak(ideal = without taking into account numerical effects and such)12:01
whitequarki looked into writing something for opencascade and the cost/benefit ratio is close to infinity12:01
viricwhitequark: quite like that12:02
wpwrakhihi :)12:02
whitequarkviric: hah! this is on windows https://i.imgur.com/4sfwILI.png12:03
viricnicer on windows12:03
whitequarkthey seem to have swapped the normals, or something12:04
whitequarkweird bug12:04
whitequarkalso, no antialiasing on linux, ugh12:04
whitequarkwpwrak: solvespace uses NURBS curves, as I understand12:05
whitequarkwhich can represent a circle12:05
wpwrakwhitequark: i mean things like operations on volumes producing sensible results. e.g., subtracting things with conincident surfaces will not leave super-thin layers (or worse) behind. or merging solids with coincident surfaces won't have some tiny empty space between them.12:11
wpwrakopencascade is really good at doing such thing right12:11
whitequarksolvespace doesn't have this issue, because all unions or subtractions must be constructed on a workplane on top of another solid12:16
whitequarkso if something is coincident, it already knows it perfectly12:16
DocScrutinizer05deliver schedule 2 days overdue, updated:  https://www.sparkfun.com/products/997815:17
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