#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2015-03-02

wpwrakoh fuck. NXP and Freescale merge.12:32
kyakand it will be called what - NXPscale? :)12:38
wpwrakpwgen -0 suggests "Doohoova"12:44
wpwrakother options: Naifoaze, Etiphaes, Queeweep12:45
wpwrak"Etiphaes" sounds like the sort of names such hybrids tend to get nowadays12:45
wpwrakthough they should pick something that's a bit closer to ... another well-known but less important chip-maker. like Agilent now call themselves Keysight, positioning them closely to Keithley.12:52
wpwrakFatnel perhaps ?12:52
eintopfwpwrak you using in your anelok some freescale cortex-m3?13:03
eintopfbut the chip will be continued?13:04
wpwrakoh, in the short term, nothing will change. they'll keep on selling the chips for years. but they'll stop new developments. maybe not immediately but after a while.13:07
eintopfwpwrak: and freescale logo will be replaced by NXP13:39
eintopfwpwrak: I like freescale, I don't know... my feeling was always they do arm cpu's for industrial use13:44
eintopfthe ti's ones are more for smartphones13:44
eintopfstop to working after 4 years13:44
eintopfI don't want to say that louder here, because neo900 contains some ti arm13:45
eintopfbut the am335x is better than the omap4 series13:45
eintopfand freescale datasheets are better :-)13:47
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