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DocScrutinizer05and what's spamprobe now?00:52
DocScrutinizer05can't believe there's an alternative to spam assassin I never heard of00:52
DocScrutinizer05anyway my SA plus a half a dozen manual regex etc filters work conventiently exact and reliable. One SPAM slips through every few days, and every few months I need to dig up a false positive from SPAM folder01:05
viricdo you have much spam?08:31
wpwrakmaybe about 50% of the mails i receive get classified as spam08:33
viricauhm. I receive much less.08:33
viricAnd most is in chinese.08:33
viricso a manual discard is quite easy, I find.08:34
wpwrakand of the mails i receive, i read maybe 10% (some is mailing lists that i only peek at occasionally), so ...08:36
wpwrak(low spam rate) then you're hiding your address ?08:38
whitequarkwpwrak: /reboot/ to get rid of a futex?08:39
whitequarkcan't you just kill the process? futexes aren't persistent08:39
viricwpwrak: I don't hide it much08:41
viricwpwrak: I use it in mailing lists for example08:41
wpwrakwhitequark: just followed what i found on stackexchange regarding that problem. and i did of course try lighter means first ...08:41
viricwhen I publish my address I use to write things like "<viricxa@viricxa.name> (remove all 'xa'! It's an antispam trick!)"08:41
viricin web pages.08:42
whitequarkviric: that's extremely annoying08:42
viricaha. ;)08:42
whitequarki just elect not to email such people08:42
viricI never received a letter from you.08:42
wpwrakqed :)08:43
viricthe filter is effective08:43
wpwrakand annoying08:43
viricI never received a complain from someone that wanted to write me.08:43
whitequarkespecially since even a trivial spamassassin setup has a failure rate of maybe one spam email in inbox in a week08:44
whitequarkspam is a solved problem08:44
viricmaybe one day I'll change my opinion. I like my current approach.08:45
whitequark(failure rate) on an address i've been using since 2008 and never ever taking any steps to 'protect' it08:45
wpwrakviric: which leaves ... 1) those who see the nonsense and decide to not mail you, let's call them the whitequarks. 2) those who follow your edits, think you're an annoying prick, but decide not to waste even more time by arguing with you, 3) those who don't mind, 4) those who hate it and who voice their discomfort, but you didn't recognize their complaint or forgot about it, 5) those who complain and whom you remember.08:47
wpwrakthat the set 5) seems to be empty says relatively little about the size of the other sets :)08:47
DocScrutinizer05it fails with newsletters etc09:57
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