#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2015-02-19

wpwrakxiangfu: regarding etags, do you want to include files not known to git ? if you only want to use files known to git, you could use   git ls-files '*.[ch]'08:22
wpwrakxiangfu: ah, and do your boards have USB micro AB or micro B receptacles ?08:45
xiangfuwpwrak: ah you see my commits. I just rebase for easy to review.12:28
xiangfugit ls-files: great. don't knwo this command.12:28
xiangfuI will do a lot of rebase before I send out the patchs/pull request. :)12:31
xiangfuI didn't make the read_cid working yet.12:32
wpwrakxiangfu: (rebases) ok :) gitorious tells me whenever you push something, that's how i know13:18
wpwrakphew. spamprobe db recovered. that beast is tricky. first there's a lock file. if you delete that, there's a futex. if you reboot to get rid of it, there's a busy loop on reading the database ...21:17
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