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mththe one in arch/mips/boot/dts/00:00
virichow does the build system know what dts to embed?00:11
viricmth: I can't really find how the DTS gets embedded into the kernel10:21
viricmth: what kernel option does that?10:21
viriclarsc: I can't find it for ARM. Is it only for mips?11:20
viricnconfig ’ Search11:20
larscARM doesn't support built-in dtb12:10
mthweird that that feature is arch-specific12:14
larscit needs low level support like the linker scripts and stuff12:16
pcercueilarsc, quick question12:19
pcercueiI read that devicetree is a way to describe the hardware, not the configuration of said hardware12:19
pcercueiso what's the correct way to configure things like the clock map?12:20
larscwhat clock map?12:27
larscparent child relationship?12:27
pcercueiand frequencies of PLLs12:27
larscyea, that's now in devicetree too...12:28
viriclarsc: aha, thank you.12:30
viricdamn arm. then I've to manually append the dtb to the kernel12:30
viricbefore making the uboot image. is it?12:30
viricSo there isn't any config + "make" that builds a bootable ARM kernel anymore12:34
viricit requires manual composing of the image12:35
wpwrakxiangfu: i'm about to write a quick update on what has happened in the anelok world in the last week and i'd like to also mention your boards, e.g., with this picture: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/anelok/tmp/Anelok-booting.jpg12:37
wpwrakxiangfu: i wonder how i should refer to your group. "xiangfu and friends" ?12:38
xiangfuthe group named 'canaan creative'. :)12:55
wpwrak"Creative + Share = Happy" hehe :)13:24
wpwrakdiversifying from mining ? :)13:29
wpwrakkewl !13:35
wpwrakwhen i read about the what's going on in the btc world these days, i was actually wondering how that mining business must be going13:36
wpwrakit didn't sound very promising, with the falling btc value killing lots of mining companies13:36
wpwrakbtw, very pretty timeline on https://ehash.com/zh-hans/support/13:37
xiangfuhmmm... should translate it to Englihs.13:45
xiangfuwpwrak: I have learned a lot hardware/manufacture when doing this mining machine.13:50
xiangfuwhat should I change on thresh in my boards? only PCB, no case?13:52
xiangfuI tried put some plastics on top of the touch bar. it is hard to find out the good one.13:53
wpwrak(thresh) maybe start with 500 then increase in large steps16:03
wpwrak(board & case) the mentioning of board and case in the comments is just that - a comment. the information isn't used anywhere. so you can use whatever you like there. similar for the "name" field. you can also just not set a name.16:05
wpwrak(finding plastic) yeah, it'll be total guesswork :) but don't worry. tuning the slider is no exact science. just set a value, see how it responds, then adjust, and so on.16:07
wpwrakif the threshold is too low, then the position indicator appears before you have a proper touch. e.g., when the finger is just approaching the sensor or when you touch it very lightly. also, when pushing harder, the position marker will move a fair bit as pressure increases.16:08
wpwrakif the threshold is too high, no position marker appears at all or it flickers (rapidly appears and disappears)16:09
arossdotmeshould usb hubs have cap's? got a one here that have places for 2caps but there missing17:24
arossdotmei forget the type name, you know the big blue non-smt type, the liquid sort17:25
wpwrakalmost all electronics have caps :) large electrolytic caps would be a bit unusual in a hub, but not impossible17:34
wpwrakand if they're missing, perhaps it doesn't need them :) could be that the same pcb is used in different products / modes of operation17:34
wpwrake.g., i would expect a self-powered hub to have some silo caps on the power supply side.17:35
rohhi there17:56
rohi got a idea to bounce off you guys: what about a robots.txt for 'projects' ?17:56
rohwith all the project 'metadata' like contacts, project status, etc in machine readable, so distros/upstreams can import/source it17:57
rohjust a rfc: http://pastebin.com/7yERKj1t17:57
wpwrakwho would use this metadata ? first time i see this kind of use of robots.txt18:02
rohmainly for distros/downstream18:02
rohto speed up the maintaining/security support18:03
wpwrakso that would act as a sort of notification channel for urgent updates ?18:03
rohlike its now, but with the feature that you can update the links centrally18:04
rohe.g. send updates via mailinglists, add an entry to the rss feed of your security incident site, and bump the version18:04
rohalso a downstream user would have a defined place to find stuff like security contacts. i also imagine its easy to integrate into stuff like launchpad and ticketing systems18:06
wpwraki guess all contacts really boil down to the qi-hw mailing list :)18:06
rohimagine you would need to find a specific security contact for a piece of code in your distro and you want to mail the maintainer, the security contact and the distros security contact.. thats 3 manual to search mailaddresses. or a lookup in 2 textfiles.18:07
wpwrakyeah, i'd expect the each distro to compile this sort of information in whatever format they use. well, that could of course come from a robots.txt, if anyone actually thinks of looking there18:09
wpwrakperhaps more importantly, how would it be populated ? i see some fields that would come from a commit hook, right ?18:10
wpwrakhmm, interesting. neighbours a few floors down are busy painting a visibly dirty terrace floor. first i thought they were just cleaning it, but then the inside of the water bucket wouldn't be all red ...18:13
arossdotmerobots.txt is a web thing. it's for  search engines, in the file you say if you mind them indexing this or that.18:25
arossdotmewpwrak: thanks for the info.18:25
arossdotmethis as not externel powerr18:26
arossdotmeI've got other ones with no external power18:26
arossdotmeand no caps18:26
arossdotmeI plan to use one powered from a usb power bank battery to power a usb hub and devices, with my zipit pocket compute rand my gtao418:27
wpwrakbus-powered hubs can't have a lot of caps because the usb standard limits the capacitive upstream load. i mean, you could have massive caps behind a big resistor, but why bother. and the few hundred uF you'll want in your design in total don't really need electrolytic caps. well, if you really *like* them, you can of course use such critters ...18:29
arossdotmethx for the info19:01
arossdotmedidn't know there was a limit in the usb stanard but me thinks it makes sense19:01
wpwrak"The maximum load (CRPB) that can be placed at the downstream end of a cable is 10 µF in parallel with 44 Ohm." :)19:05
wpwrakso the 44 Ohm would be the "big" resistor. behind it you can put as many caps as you like, but they'll charge slowly.19:06
wpwrak(the quote is from usb 2.0, page 177, " Inrush Current Limiting")19:07
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