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archangping wpwrak09:17
xiangfuwpwrak: Hi11:41
wpwrakxiangfu: heya ! kl26 arrived ? :)12:26
xiangfuwpwrak: even better. already made 5 boards.15:09
wpwrakwow !! :)15:12
wpwrakand, do they work ?15:12
wpwrak(on lab power or on usb. battery is a bit tricky at the moment. i'm still collecting data on this.)15:13
xiangfuI got some error on flash (./swd)15:18
xiangfuI got two type of errors. the './swd' and './swd -e' works just fine.15:19
wpwrakflashing is fairly unreliable. so if it fails maybe 50-70% of the time, that would be "normal"15:19
xiangfu1. sometimes the ./swd give me :15:19
xiangfuACK 715:19
MSG541[15:19:14] <xiangfu> swd_open failed15:19
xiangfubut the ./swd anelok-2014.bin always FAULT.15:19
wpwrakACK 7 ERROR ERROR would indicate that the connection isn't right15:19
wpwrakthe "random" errors usually happen later15:20
xiangfuhmm... the same connection works before.15:21
wpwrakbut if "./swd" works and reports something like this, the connection is good: https://privatepaste.com/f9d1c1510015:21
xiangfuI will upload more picture tomorrow.15:21
xiangfuhmm... I got all of them except this 'UID 0066-00521014-27874e45'15:22
wpwrakoh, and don't try to flash anelok-2014.bin ! what you want it boot-2014.bin15:22
wpwrak(no UID) that's odd. i added that last october.15:24
wpwrakcan you run ./swd and post the output ?15:25
xiangfujust got boot-2014.bin. 15:25
xiangfunow the ./swd alwasy give me ACK 7 ERROR. I am trying to find out why.15:25
xiangfuI didn't touch anything.15:25
xiangfuI will post a pic now.15:26
wpwrakswd should probably also have rejected anelok-2014.bin because it looks as if it would configure the chip such that no further programming is possible (security enabled and mass erase disabled)15:33
wpwrakah wait, no. not this one. this one should be okay.15:34
xiangfuhmm... a big file: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/anelok/tmp/Anelog-ubb-connection.png15:35
wpwraklooks pretty ;-)15:36
xiangfuthe UBB was bought from taobao.com. I made 10 of UBB. but the factory make the wrong PCB. too thick. :(15:36
wpwrak(ubb) argh :(15:37
xiangfuI have to make again.15:38
viricstill with a nanonote in use :)15:38
xiangfuYes. only one.15:38
xiangfucannot find others. 15:38
wpwraki wonder what happened with the hundreds wolfgang still had in store ...15:39
wpwrakhmm, there may be a bug in your cable. e.g., if you compare with http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/anelok/tmp/brd1-bot-0818.jpg15:41
wpwrakmy connector is for a straight 1:1 cable from DAT1 to VDD15:45
xiangfuon my UBB (Brown, Red, Orange, Yello, Green) is (DAT1, DAT0, CLK, VDD, GND)15:45
xiangfuYes. I have switched DAT1 and DAT0, and move the GND to hte end.15:45
wpwrakokay. that looks good then.15:47
wpwrakmaybe put isolating tape under the thin cables. sometimes their isolation melts when soldering the they make contact with things they shouldn't contact15:48
wpwrak#s/the they/then they/15:49
xiangfutrying to find out why...15:53
wpwrakyou can also use ubbctl to toggle pins, to check the connections: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/ben-blinkenlights/source/tree/master/ubbctl/15:55
xiangfuYes. have to sleep. cu16:20
wpwrakmaybe the solution will come to you in your dreams :)16:22
ysionneauVAT19 ... seems to sell rather funny things :p19:19
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