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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cameo/templates/mkmk-simple: accept no only Gerber but also $NAME.gp as input (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/1f04d6403:00
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cameo/path.c (path_find_leftmost): continue searching for the smallest coordinate (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/dddb03503:00
wpwrak_the number of bugs i managed to put in this stuff is truly amazing ...03:01
rjeffriesdid wpwrak dismiss this one? Package it in a Ben Nanonote style shell with a better display, and live a better (and open-ish) life03:18
wpwrak_nicksydney: mentioned it yesterday. nothing goes unnoticed here ;-)03:38
wpwrak_not sure if it could drive the LCD, though. that's a CPU that's pretty much optimized for small routers, so it may not have display hardware. and doing this it software may be messy and inefficient.03:40
rjeffriesthe world needs a simple, low-energy-consuming standalone GPU. #problemsolved03:43
nicksydneythis might do for a low powered GPU perhaps .. http://www.ftdichip.com/EVE.htm03:44
whitequarknot really, integrated GPU is much nicer03:44
whitequarkthe issue is getting your data onto the GPU03:44
rjeffriesyes, a total integrated CPU+GPU+sensors+BLE+WiFi SOC is so much more elegant. no argument. Low energy consumption, low cost, high volume part. all good.03:46
whitequarkGPU is a particularly bad thing to get off chip03:48
whitequarkeven in laptops they moved to integrated GPU03:48
wpwrak_ftdi = evil :)03:52
whitequarkftdi's thing is fine for UI things03:53
whitequarkvery low traffic03:53
wpwrak_rjeffries: i'm not even talking about a GPU. it may not even have a dumb frame buffer. so you would have to generate the bit stream by DMA (if you can)03:53
wpwrak_whitequark: is the ftdi thing fully documented ? or is it "fully open API (you have to link against our (closed, naturally) libraries)"03:54
rjeffriesso showing my considerable ignorance is there a clever hack that might add framebuffer that does not totally suck? Maybe only adequate for text?\  wait maybe that describes ftdichip04:01
whitequarkyou can do text, it's called "a vt52 terminal"04:02
whitequark"over serial port"04:02
whitequarkthen you realize people want transparent windows at 60fps04:02
rjeffriesthis is a good read. a stripped down computer slightly better than Ben Nanonote with no mic, no camera, very opne... might help one avoid survelliance state04:07
wpwrak_rjeffries: some displays have an internal frame buffer from which they can refresh autonomously. so if you get one of these, you can just bigbang it or such. of course, finding a good display will be hard enough if you don't have such extra requirements .. :)04:09
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: http://www.coultersmithing.com/OldStuff/CLAB/coffee_can_reflow.htm04:38
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: sth special to look for in that?08:41
whitequarkpretty well done PID08:42
DocScrutinizer05aaah ok :)08:44
larschow, it's can as in the container, I first thought he'd just pour hot coffee over the board09:09
DocScrutinizer05ohmy, compare http://www.coultersmithing.com/OldStuff/CLAB/It_Almost_Worked.htm and http://www.coultersmithing.com/OldStuff/CLAB/images/RFMod1.jpg  against http://www.ebay.de/itm/Edelstahl-Friteuse-3L-2200-W-Fritteuse-Fritoese-Frittoese-Kaltzonen-Friteuse-GS-/23145353718210:21
DocScrutinizer05or even this http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/828695/Wasserkocher-schnurlos-mit-manueller-Temperatureinstellung-Severin-WK-3369-Edelstahl-gebuerstet-Schwarz?queryFromSuggest=true10:26
DocScrutinizer05sure, needs some "tuning"10:27
DocScrutinizer05(PID) hehe, i now had the tooling to do this sort of simpler: 35V@10A USB programmable PSU, and a DMM with thermocouple that I can read out via USB11:01
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