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archangwpwrak, how to use UBB to init anelok?08:21
wpwrakarchang: 1) you solder a cable between UBB the test points on the anelok board, then 2) you install swd (from anelok/swdlib) on the ben, 3) ./swd should now identify the chip11:54
wpwrakthe the cables, i made a drawing a while ago. lemme upload it ...11:55
wpwrakhere it is: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/anelok/tmp/anelok-ubb.pdf11:57
wpwrakif you have small (1.27 mm or such) headers at hand, you may want to make a connector. like the one you see in my pictures of anelok. that way, you can detach the ubb without soldering11:58
wpwrakconnector like this: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/anelok/tmp/brd2-assembled-bottom.jpg11:59
wpwrakthis also shows where the pads are11:59
xiangfunow. let's wait the KL26 chip.12:01
wpwrakheh ;-)12:04
wpwrakby the way, the cables have reached customs. now i need to find out how to get them out from there. they sent me a notification that i would have to complete a "internet purchases" process. tried to phone them but the calls just get dropped. sent a mail to the helpdesk but that hasn't been answered yet either. so i guess i'll just have to go there and try, wait the customary ~2 hours, then try to convince them that this is not a evil 12:07
wpwrak"internet purchase" but just a gift from friends ...12:07
wpwrakat least, with EMS, i can do this in the city. if it had been sent by courier, i'd have to drive out to the airport ...12:07
xiangfuok :)12:11
wpwrakbtw, for testing SWD, all you need are the KL26 and the capacitors around it on the top side of the PCB. so you can do this very early in the soldering process.13:22
wpwrakthinking of it, i should write a test for the cc2543. that one is currently completely unprobed ... (i tested the design per se in the ybox, though)13:24
wpwrak(cc2543) fixed ;-)14:51
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