#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2015-01-12

ysionneauwpwrak the slider seems to work really well :)20:40
ysionneauI like scrolling of the menu when sliding the finger20:41
ysionneaufeels nice to use20:41
wpwrakyeah, i'm beginning to like the slider :) it's still not perfect but the remaining issues look increasingly manageable20:50
wpwrakso i have one more thing I need to try with the slider: use a different PCB with a larger area and without ground between plates (instead, switch plates themselves between ground and sensing. in fact, i already do this at the moment, but there is no difference to letting an inactive plate float)20:52
wpwrakif that works, i can simplify the layout and increase the sensor length. this should make it nicer to use. we'll also need some form of tactile feedback on the position of the sensor area. maybe a little depression, a ridge, some roughening of the surface, or such.20:54
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