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DocScrutinizer05insufficient approach: problem is the placement of the flush knob, fix for this doesn't need any electronics00:04
DocScrutinizer05to give you an idea: in 1980 I lived in a kraaked flat that had completely messed up toilet flush system. both the filling valve and the flush valve were not tight. I build a system consisting of a 80*50cm board on the floor and a few cords to that board and to the flush handle, to start filling of the water tank when somebody stepped on the board, and stopping it when somebody pulled the flush handle00:08
DocScrutinizer05ooh, a elastic band and a ~8cm of steel arm for the water tap were also involved00:10
DocScrutinizer05plus some duct tape00:10
DocScrutinizer05worked flawlessly for the 2 years we kraaked that flat00:11
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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: poly2d (p2d_is_cw, p2d_is_closed, p2d_no_intersect, p2d_vertices): use better types (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/cba417f00:24
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: poly2d (p2d_contains_point): use "bool" instead of "int" (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/3cc284d00:24
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: poly2d/ (p2d_write_gnuplot, p2d_write_gnuplot_all): use "bool" instead of "int" (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/5808a4000:24
DocScrutinizer05arossdotme: no away messages please!00:29
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DocScrutinizer05arossdotme: please fix that!00:29
arossdotmetrying it out for the first time00:29
DocScrutinizer05np, just saying00:29
arossdotmeit's not on auto00:29
arossdotmeso i can just leave it for now :P00:30
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arossdotmeas you won't be edbother by it again00:30
DocScrutinizer05arossdotme: also note that you might run into severe trouble when idoru (freenode bot) detects you crossposting same stuff over all channels you joined. Peaple got k-lined for a mere /amsg good morning00:35
arossdotmeok, thx00:36
arossdotmei've found the setting now so it does not announce.00:36
viricysionneau: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2015/01/07/252225_gunmen-in-paris-terror-attack.html09:20
viricvoltairenet points out that the only link between the attack and islamism are the shouts of the attackers.09:22
viricthe claims in the mcclatchy have zero references though :)09:24
viricthe 'video censored on tv' seems to have disappeared from internet though09:27
ysionneauwell, it's not the only link viric 13:55
ysionneauthey went to Yemen13:55
ysionneaugot friend with someone in prison13:55
ysionneauare known to have been in some terrorist groups in 13eme arr. Paris13:55
viricmay be. No idea. :)14:16
viricI'm very far of the case to check anything like that.14:16
viricI'm quite used to see fake biographies though.14:17
ysionneauand btw, they were on no flight list in the USA14:17
ysionneauso they were pretty well known to be terrorist since 2010 or something like that14:17
viricit's too hard for individuals to check things like that14:18
ysionneauwell, that's public information14:19
ysionneauif it were wrong, someone would say so14:19
ysionneauthat's on the news since several days14:19
viricI know enough that situation, "someone would say so"14:20
ysionneauwell then don't read anything any more :p14:20
viricit's you who is sure.14:21
ysionneauwell I just say it's public well broadcasted information14:21
viricI agree14:21
ysionneauand good media like mediapart or arrĂȘtsurimages are not saying it's fake14:22
ysionneauso there is high probability it's right14:22
ysionneausecret services have no interest in saying "we screwed up"14:22
viriccase closed14:22
wpwrakysionneau: "they were on no flight list in the USA" i.e., they never boarded a plane of or going to the US ? :)18:10
wpwrak"that's public information" if you're referring to no-fly lists, i don't think they are. at least not to the general public. so if the general public is informed about someone's status on such lists, there must be someone acting as gateway.18:12
wpwrakin IT, we may call this an "accessor". now, think of all the fun you can have with "accessors" that do a lot more or different things that just merely accessing what's supposedly underneath :)18:13
ysionneauwpwrak: I mean, now that this story is public (after the attacks) and after journalists spent hours and hours vomiting every piece of information they could put their hands on18:15
ysionneaunow : this is public18:15
wpwrakwhich means it has little actual credibility. not that it's be surprised if it was true (there are LOTS of people on those lists), but just that the information flow does not convey credibility18:16
wpwrak(lists) and there are several levels. "no fly", "terrorist watchlist", and so on. i wouldn't trust the press to be very precise in assigning the correct list membership. e.g., someone who's suspected to be somehow supporting terrorism, but not banned from flying, may well get a mis-attributed entry on the latter list if that person ends up in the public spotlight18:18
wpwrakin any case, even if all those things are true as presented, it just means that the whole system is not effective in terms of preventing incidents18:19
whitequarkhuh, looks venezuela's in trouble18:20
wpwrakwhitequark how is 2010 ? ;-)18:20
whitequarkreading http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-09/venezuelans-throng-grocery-stores-on-military-protection-order.html18:21
whitequarkfood shortages since 2010?18:21
wpwrakthat's just evil western propaganda. look at the "empty shelves" picture. there are clearly some things in evidence at the top18:22
viricvenezuela is quite at the west18:23
wpwrak2010 may have marked the beginning of toilet paper shortages. not sure when exactly that began, but i was around that time and it has to start somewhere ...18:23
wpwrakviric: in political terms, it's somewhere in the far east. somewhere east of siberia :)18:24
viricisn't the east at the right? hehe18:24
viricthe world upside down18:25
wpwrakif you elect stalin, it is :)18:25
viricall for the state.18:25
whitequark"at the right" https://d1ftgt94wd5jml.cloudfront.net/2010/proj_orthographic.png18:25
wpwrakhehe ;-)18:25
whitequarkthat... actually emphasizes it18:25
viricby the way, these days I'm working with Vivado and it's horrible.18:27
viricVery horrible.18:27
viricmy congratulations to Xilinx.18:27
wpwrakthe pain still seems to be insufficient, though18:28
pcercueisee what I endure at work?18:28
whitequarkviric: is it worse than ISE?18:28
viricI think so18:28
wpwrakelse, we'd be seeing commits on a clone of wolfgang's fpga synthesis project :)18:28
whitequarkwpwrak: I considered contributing18:29
wpwrakwhitequark: stop procrastinating ! :)18:29
whitequarkpolitely speaking, it is somewhat dense18:29
wpwraki read "more opportunity" :)18:29
viricI don't plan to contribute because I have the end of that project at eyesight18:30
wpwrakfree the world from the shackles of idiotic proprietary (oh wait. that's redundant) fpga tools18:30
virichence the 'acceptable pain'18:30
wpwrakviric: that's what Sisyphus said18:31
viricby now I have better things to do than solving that world problem.18:31
whitequarksome day, scientists will find a strong link between alcoholism and FPGA development18:31
viricwpwrak: did sisyphus receive a salary?18:31
wpwrakviric: they didn't need that back then. the wrath of the gods was enough :)18:32
viricwpwrak: same thing under different names18:32
wpwrakbesides, look who's famous - him or you ? :)18:32
wpwrak(different name) yeah, that works :)18:32
viricsisyphus got the glory.18:33
viricwe'd have to see him with Vivado though.18:33
wpwrakpoor, poor suicide statistics ...18:33
viricand when I have troubles with Vivado, I only find posts telling how Vivado 2014 is so much better than previous versions18:35
viricmeaning, when I search for online help18:35
pcercueiit's not18:40
pcercueidon't upgrade :p18:40
viricpcercuei: I'm at latest 2014, but I'm not alone in the project, so I have it a bit mandated. :)19:11
larscyea, so 2014.3 (and maybe 2014.4) has a bug where it removes a whole vector if part of the vector is unused19:26
viricI had to write awful vhdl to get ram inferred19:30
larscawful vhdl, that's a bit of a pleonasm ;)19:43
larscviric: are you at FOSDEM this year?19:44
viriclarsc: not, I don't think so.20:04
viriclarsc: the only thing I liked from fosdem was to meet a few people, like you :) I didn't like much the talks or debates.20:05
viricI think the communication was too poor among most people20:05
viriconly a few mastered English enough. And by that I don't mean I'm one of those.20:06
viricHaving experienced esperanto environments, I was shocked by how bad people managed to intercommunicate (for my standards. :)20:07
larscah, too bad.20:21
DocScrutinizer05HAHA  http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=convert+180g+beef+to+kalories  seems is too complex for WA20:22
DocScrutinizer05or maybe WA runs a live test ;-)20:22
whitequarkit just hangs randomly20:32
whitequarkactually, it executed for me. 424 calories20:32
viriclarsc: I'd like to go some day to the ccc newyear meeting though21:12
wpwrakseems that wolfram aren't strong in homeopathy. 180 grams of beef, sheesh. what's that, child abuse ? :)21:15
viricysionneau: who filmed the kill off of the policeman is a catalan neighbour21:28
viricthat's the video many used to suspect that all is fake (lack of blood in a hit to the head), and he took away the video from the sites because he understood that "it was too offensive"21:29
ysionneauI can confirm that the policeman is dead though21:31
viricah do you?21:40
ysionneausure yes, two cops are dead21:40
ysionneaua black woman, and the (muslim) guy you saw being shot dead on the video21:41
virichow do you confirm?21:41
ysionneauwe have the complete list of names of the 17 dead21:41
ysionneauwell, all media, newspaper, TV, are saying the names 21:41
viricah ok21:41
viricI thought you knew some relative21:42
wpwrakviric: just seems pointless to invent it ? :)21:42
ysionneauI say 17 because I'm being brain washed by French media21:42
ysionneaubut it's 20 (3 terrorist dead)21:42
viricI mean... I know about media :)21:42
viricI thought you knew further21:42
ysionneauah no21:42
ysionneaubut I very much doubt this is fake ^^21:42
viricfine fine, me too :)21:42
viricbut I'm interested in how the discussion evolves21:43
ysionneauI'm afraid of how this will turn out21:43
viricas with USA's 11S there were many works about it :)21:43
viricthe plane on Pentagon, Zeitgeist movies and alike, ... :)21:43
ysionneauit will be more anti-freedom pro-security laws, and more anti-islam FN bullshit21:43
ysionneauwhich will increase the number of terrorist ...21:44
viricysionneau: yes, the solutions to such terrorism are always *more state* and *less freedom*21:44
viricthat's specifically what makes conspiracy theories sound21:44
wpwrakwhy don't we look at history ? there's an ethnic group that's being kept under the boot. they have plenty of combat experience. they feel they deserve better. what could possibly happen ?21:45
viricif the solutions were different, that'd quickly make the conspiracy theories less acceptable21:45
ysionneauwpwrak: so 10000% true21:45
wpwraklast week: 20 dead in france. 80 years ago, WW II. i'd say we (the world) got off lightly this time.21:46
viricwpwrak: what did they achieve for better?21:46
viricMore EU state oppression, specifically over them21:47
wpwrakviric: in the case of germany, the allies knew better than to farm the mortal enemies for the nxt war, the second time around.21:47
viricI didn't plan to discuss WW II :)21:48
wpwrakresult: 80 years of peace in central europe. not too bad if you ask me. of course, that may have been possible with a bit less bloodshed.21:48
viricI don't think WW II was a fake :)21:48
viricso was a fake the start of Vietnam war, isn't it?21:48
viricas in USA intervention21:48
wpwrakviric: well, have you *seen* it ? ;-)21:48
viricwpwrak: I'm open to new theories about WW II :)21:49
viricfor vietnam there was the story of that ship attacked21:49
wpwrakconsider the creationist approach. just place the creation of the world a little later :)21:49
wpwrakoh, have i just returned to solipsism ? damn :)21:49
viricwpwrak: I quite accept Fomenko views, so don't push me ;)21:49
viric(Not his reconstruction, but about the forgery :)21:50
wpwrak(vietnam) almost every war gets started on some lame excuse21:50
viricwpwrak: I know that in the state where I live, there are secret-of-state documents from the XV century onwards :)21:51
viricthat is, from Inquisition onwards. Nowadays.21:52
wpwrakwhether it's tonkin, an archduke, "WMD in iraq", ...21:52
wpwrakso barcelona has its dirty secrets ? :)21:52
viricfor state I meant Madrid21:52
wpwrakthought you were of that other team :)21:53
viricWhen we say "our state", we mean our owner21:53
viricif we say "our nation", that's different :)21:53
wpwrakhehe :)21:53
viricit's a very common difference here used.21:54
wpwraki just wish you guys didn't insist on linguistic separatism, too21:54
viricI wish you understood better :)21:54
viricbut I hope we will have some day to make the world understand about us.21:54
virichave some day the opportunity21:55
wpwraki mean, do all the people in the region even speak catalan ? it just sounds like opening rifts right in the middle of your own society21:55
pcercueiin Barcelona half of the population speak catalan21:55
pcercueithe other half speak french, it seems21:55
viricIt's unfair21:56
viricWe were killed or imprisoned if we used it in public during 40 years21:56
viricIt's like the Vergonha in occitania21:57
viric(not so hard)21:57
wpwraki mean i can fully understand the wish for political and economical independence. but why unearth a local language that nobody in the rest of the world understands ?21:57
viricyou have a completely wrong picture21:58
viricYou are just another victim of Spain foreign policy about that.21:58
wpwrakwell, it would make my life easier if they'd just use german. that's true :)21:59
wpwrak(they) i mean all of spain and underling territories21:59
viricyou should consider yourself illiterate about the catalan territories.22:00
viricinstead of the opposite22:00
wpwrakwell, you can do whatever you want. right now you have a strong economy to let you have your way. but it looks to me like a troubling tendency towards separatism that goes much farther than necessary.'22:05
viricI understood your view22:05
viricI consider it very wrong.22:05
viricbut there you go. I hope we manage to have an opportunity where you will learn about us and not from our conquerors.22:06
wpwraki don't learn much from your "recent" conquerors. (you really should be mad at the italians if it was about conquest :)22:07
viricthey also made their history up22:07
wpwrakthe italians ?22:08
viricfrom the catalan Napoli.22:08
wpwraknot quite sure what you're referring to. when has catalonia had a feud with naples ?22:11
viricthe XVth century22:11
viricfrom Rome downwards, it was catalana22:11
wpwrakyou mean the kingdom of naples ?22:12
wpwrakwhat hardly seems to create much of an ethnic connection. well, outside nobility22:15
wpwrakanyway, i was more thinking of the romans. go to the basics :)22:15
viricWhat romans?22:16
wpwrakwho who (badly) tought you to speak latin ;-)22:16
wpwraktaught even22:16
viricah that's one theory :)22:17
viricI don't agree with that.22:17
wpwraki guess you have a local one that had barcelona as the cradle of the roman empire :)22:17
viricwell, some say that Valentia was called Roma, some say that Roma was called Valentia. :)22:18
wpwrakoh dear :)22:18
viricdo you think the past is settled? :)22:18
viricnot for me!22:18
viricbut there you go with your "things happened as I was told on school because everyone knows"22:19
wpwrakseems that things don't look too promising on calalonia then, if people have to dwell that much on the past instead of thinking of the future. kinda reminds me of peronism in argentina. if we just repeat the mistakes of the past, the golden age will come back ...22:20
viricgood luck with your well informed forecasts :)22:20
viricTime to prepare for sleep.22:21
wpwraksweet dreams ! :)22:23
viricsame to you!22:30
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