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kyakeintopf: congratulations! you can both automatically tune PID controllers and generate C code (even for 8 bit MCUs). You can even automate conversion of your model to fixed-point arithmetic and generate pure integer code if that matters05:25
kyakthere is plenty of information in documentation and on mathworks website. For example, see this webinar: http://www.mathworks.com/videos/pid-control-made-easy-81646.html05:26
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: sanitize show var/code handling; switch to enum for future changes (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/fped/73389fb11:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: gui.c (change_world): don't change color of the active frame (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/fped/809e81411:59
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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: gui_frame.c (loop_scroll_event): reverse direction (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/fped/15e581111:59
DocScrutinizer05dang, the assassins got killed. What a pity, that's what they hoped for16:29
ysionneauyep 3 of them dead it seems :/16:30
ysionneauI hope there is no severely wounded amoungst GIGN or raid or police16:30
ysionneau(or dead)16:30
DocScrutinizer05can't those special forces use shot made of salt instead full metal jacket?16:31
ysionneauno idea16:31
ysionneaumaybe the order was to shoot to kill as soon as there is a "shot"16:31
ysionneauwe'll never know16:31
DocScrutinizer05I don't begrudge those suckers to die, they shall live for a 100 years, in prison16:32
ysionneausure, that was the plan, I hope :/16:35
ysionneauanyway, somehow those guyz also are victim of our shitty society16:35
ysionneauour post-colonialism + racist french environment + crazy social inequalities 16:36
ysionneauwe create those "monsters"16:36
eintopfkyak: thanks I will take these infromation into my presentation about matlab simulink code generation16:37
pcercueiysionneau: at least we still don't have neo-nazi demonstrations like in the east of Germany16:37
ysionneauwow yeah...16:38
ysionneaubut we have FN and brain-washed skinhead people attending demonstrations to "fight"16:38
DocScrutinizer05ysionneau: ((we create)) indeed16:38
viricysionneau: what do you think about the rumours like those of voltairenet.org?16:39
ysionneaunever heard of this website, *click*16:39
DocScrutinizer05pcercuei: you got LePen, which is worse than those idiots in Dresden. Anyway I don't like either16:39
viricysionneau: one policeman investigating the case suicided today16:40
pcercueiit's worse because he/she have power, yes16:40
viricif I understood right16:40
viricysionneau: a french saying "postcolonialism"? hehe16:40
ysionneauwell sure, we have a shitty colonial history and we are still doing those shit16:41
viricI mean that "post" does not quite apply to La France :)16:41
ysionneauhelping USA to intrude in other countries' business16:41
ysionneaubombing middle east and so on16:41
viricwell you are at war in Mali too, and have some Guaiannes, and Corsica, ...16:42
ysionneauah yes16:42
viricLa France doesn't need USA for that16:42
ysionneauand we make and sell weapons to dictatorship :)16:42
ysionneauwelcome to France16:42
ysionneaudroits de l'homme16:42
viricI know France enough. No need to welcome :)16:43
viricai fòrça d'amics occitans del nòrd dels Pirineus :)16:43
ysionneaudo I need to watch the videos on your page? or just read the text16:44
viricas you wish.16:44
pcercueiyou're from el Pais Basco?16:44
viricnon, soi catalan16:45
ysionneauanyway, as of now, the next imminent threat is our politician who will surely try to pass some "protective" laws ...16:45
viricas pas bezon de parlar amb lo mot castelhan :)16:45
ysionneau+ the extremists who will blame all the muslims 16:45
DocScrutinizer05ysionneau: ACK16:46
viricysionneau: hence the suspicion whether this was theater-of-state16:46
ysionneauviric: you think it might be a setup to frame muslims?16:46
ysionneau*keeps reading the page*16:46
DocScrutinizer05viric: "never attribute to malice what can get explained by mere idiocy" never applied as much as here16:47
viricDocScrutinizer05: that is valid with zero information about the case16:48
viricbut you can use extra information too, to get an opinion :)16:48
viricysionneau: I don't know. I asked you, because I wondered if there is any counter-rumour published.16:49
DocScrutinizer05I can believe that maybe some authorities would have been able to stop things, and intentionally let go16:49
viricthere is the suicide of the policeman too16:49
viricadded to the rumours.16:50
DocScrutinizer05haven't heard of it16:50
viricI simply chose the first link in google16:51
ysionneauviric: it's the first time I read such ideas at least, it's not stupid, but I don't see valid proof, so I just don't know :/16:52
ysionneauTV and newspaper don't broadcast those ideas at least16:53
pcercueiquenelplus, heh16:53
pcercueiit's like legorafi.fr16:53
viricysionneau: I understand, neither do I. But I wonder if anyone decided to counterback the rumours16:53
pcercueiit's basically anti-information16:53
ysionneaubut yes it's very weird that some policeman commited suicide, and was in charge of the case16:53
pcercueinobody commited suicide16:54
ysionneaumaybe it was personal reason and no link with the case... but timing is troubling yes16:54
ysionneaupcercuei: nobody?16:55
pcercueiysionneau: nobody. As I said, quenelplus.com just like legorafi.fr are false-information websites16:55
ysionneauhttp://www.20minutes.fr/societe/1512875-20150108-limoges-commissaire-police-suicide-police-judiciaire http://www.leparisien.fr/limousin/limoges-un-commissaire-de-police-se-suicide-avec-son-arme-08-01-2015-4429569.php16:55
ysionneauthose are not quenelplus16:55
viricI've no idea. For quenelplus I clicked the first google link16:56
pcercueiok, then it's probably true :)16:56
ysionneaubut yes quenelplus sounds like a "gorafi" like website16:56
ysionneau(which is all fake articles)16:56
virichere some media broadcasted about people claiming it's a fake.16:59
viricso, not the press opinion. Just referencing someone else :)17:00
DocScrutinizer05why would somebody involved with a conspiracy commit suicide without at least publishing their reason to do so?17:00
viricwell, these days I read a bit how Inquisition worked17:01
viricand threats always involved people around the target17:01
viricfull families17:02
viricI don't know if it can be applied here.17:02
DocScrutinizer05and nevertheless even Galileo mumbles "and though it moves"17:02
viricThat's also theater.17:02
viricAfter Galileo come 300 years of Inquisition to write the fiction about Galileo and the Inquisition17:03
viricbut you can make as if Inquisition wasn't that bad.17:04
wpwrakyeah, the inquisition is a good example to follow. after all, it worked pretty well.17:04
DocScrutinizer05when that policeman would have published "they threatened my family" and then commits suicide, guess about the motivation of $whomever to actually provide prove of such claim by actually hurting any of the allegedly endangered persons17:05
viricif it worked during centuries, it means it worked well17:05
viricmaybe next suiciders should contact you, how to do it well17:06
wpwrakno, look at the results. how many women lie with the devil these days ? i think rosemary was the last documented example. how many wizards and witches are in your town ? see ? :)17:06
DocScrutinizer05it maybe worked in pre-information age17:06
viricin all ages most people think they have enough information17:07
DocScrutinizer05I'm a fan of Occam's razor here17:07
viricthe occam's razor of "I don't need more information"17:08
viricYou already took judgement before knowing anything17:08
viricthat has been clear along all the conversation :)17:08
viricand defending that you already know enough.17:08
viricand then you come to the "current proverbial knowledge" of occam's razor :)17:09
viricnext you are going to tell me that you are using "scientifical method" :)17:09
wpwraki see that somebody has been honing his discussion techniques ;-)17:10
DocScrutinizer05viric: you're astarting your usual idiotic trolling like "you took judgement" and "you refuse to read info" etc17:11
viricI'll rest with the doubt, be happy with the certain.17:12
viricby now I have no need to decide one side or the other.17:13
DocScrutinizer05I will not accept advice/instruction from you what to think. Since YOU have no knowledge about what I think, it's YOU who takes justice about _my_ mind without _any_ proper info17:13
viricI only meant to help you know what picture I was building of you :)17:13
ysionneauplease, kiss each other :(17:13
DocScrutinizer05aka Trolling17:13
viricI'd trust you more if you weren't so sure :)17:14
viricbut that's only my view. don't worry.17:15
DocScrutinizer05when somebody doesn't applaud to viric's conspiracy theories, viric starts bashing them by claiming they wwere idiots17:15
wpwrakcorollary, since we cannot know the structure of other people's minds, we cannot be sure about the frame of reference their thoughts and expressions of them are based upon. ergo, communication is impossible and futile :)17:15
wpwrakdead figments of my imagination, i think i'll stick with solipsism for a while ;)17:15
wpwrakdeaR even17:15
ysionneauwell, at least writen communication indeed is very difficult and often leads to misunderstanding17:16
kyakviric: what are your usual news sources (web sites)? preferrably those you have in offrss, in english (or russian)17:16
virickyak: hm it'd take time to list17:16
kyakviric: do you have them in offrss?17:17
viricbut I like when people throw doubts, and others are forced to counterback the doubts17:17
virickyak: not anymore, because they are very few sites that provide a useful RSS that is not a "click here to read"17:17
viricthere are17:17
kyakviric: basically i'm asking because i'm failing to find an "other side" in foreign media17:18
virichere Willy Toledo, an actor, came up saying that some filmations are fake17:19
kyakthere is one opinion, and only one17:19
whitequarkviric: try reading conservative US sources17:19
viricthen voltairenet also had an article17:19
whitequarkyou'll fit right in17:19
viricI don't understand the subtility. :)17:20
whitequarkthere is none17:20
viricthen I don't understand what do yo mean17:21
whitequarkoh, sorry, that was to kyak 17:21
whitequarkregarding "other side"17:21
ysionneauhere we are: www.bfmtv.com/politique/valls-nouvelles-mesures-necessaires-pour-repondre-a-la-menace-terroriste-856485.html17:21
kyakwhitequark: yeah, i figured :)17:21
ysionneau"new measures are necessary to fight terrorist threat" from 1st minister17:22
ysionneaucool, new shitty laws17:22
ysionneau"we are at war against terrorism" he said, doesn't that ring a bell?17:22
kyakwhitequark: some links would be great17:22
DocScrutinizer05viric, the guy who badmouthes Aristotelian Logic a "scientific tool"17:23
kyakok, foxnews would be the "other side" to cnn or, say, bbc?17:23
DocScrutinizer05as if science was something rogue17:24
whitequarkkyak: to nytimes or gawker, say17:24
DocScrutinizer05ysionneau: here the right wing assholes already asked for re-establishing communication data mass storage17:25
DocScrutinizer05ysionneau: and I heard LePen already suggested death penalty 17:26
ysionneaudeath penalty ... 2 days ago17:27
DocScrutinizer05no doubt we will see a lot of shit coming from this mess17:28
ysionneauand what's "fun" is that our mainstream media all said they were concerned about possible attacks against muslims (which happened) and with LePen rise in popularity (which is a right concern)17:28
ysionneauBUT, I saw no concerns about "new anti freemdom laws" ...17:28
DocScrutinizer05yep, exactly17:29
ysionneaueven though, this is very clearly a threat, like LePen rise17:29
ysionneaubut no one (mainstream) is talking about it ...17:29
wpwrakdoes any country in northern africa or the middle east need "liberating" ? i'm sure suitable connections will be found before too long17:29
wpwrakheck, maybe it was the north koreans again17:29
ysionneauyeah let's throw some democracy somewhere17:29
DocScrutinizer05so right17:29
kyakwpwrak: it's funny, but some ukraine media already blaimed Putin :)17:30
Action: DocScrutinizer05 feels depressed17:30
DocScrutinizer05well, idiocy is global17:30
wpwrakDocScrutinizer05: you may like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTpBBs6HtCk17:30
DocScrutinizer05oh yeah, reeter17:31
DocScrutinizer05good guy17:31
DocScrutinizer05err Rether17:31
DocScrutinizer05ysionneau: well, at least our (tiny) parliament opposition here in Germany warns about legislative activism17:45
ysionneauah good17:46
DocScrutinizer05but yes, it almost sees zilch coverage in mass media17:46
ysionneauin French media, only 1 article so far with only 1 sentence about the threat of new shitty laws : liberation17:46
DocScrutinizer05the good guys ;-)17:46
ysionneauand I just read one very interesting article, but in French http://paris-luttes.info/rassemblement-contre-la-240617:47
ysionneauone of the few having the "guts" to say that they don't fully backup what Charlie Hebdo did17:47
ysionneauand to say that the participated in the etablishment of a shitty climate around islam17:48
ysionneaueven though, of course, no one say that killing anyone is the correct response17:48
ysionneauthey contributed to islamophobia17:48
DocScrutinizer05quite possible17:50
DocScrutinizer05I'd outlaw *all* religion. Period17:50
DocScrutinizer05alas can't be done ;-)17:50
ysionneauI'm not sure I would do that :p17:50
ysionneaubut I'm not a fan of those stuff either17:50
ysionneaubut that we like it or not, it's now part of our culture :/17:51
ysionneauwe need to deal with it17:51
arossdotmeDocScrutinizer05, remmber that link myinovationspace.com ? the writings on there talked about social groups (i think they do, i forgot precisely as i'm going by my chats with the guy who wrote them and not what i remmber reading in the books but anyway)18:00
DocScrutinizer05but actually religion is not the cause of all that mess, not at all. The religious mind just provides a convenient easily manipulated audience for some fascistoid asshats, labeling their crude ideas with islam, Christianity, marxism, whatsoever18:01
viricDocScrutinizer05: in any case, I shouldn't have make any fun of the discussion. I only meant that I wasn't convinced by your analysis. Nothing more.18:01
arossdotmelooks like you beaten me too it18:01
arossdotmeI was going to say $religion is just branding, a theme for a social group18:02
DocScrutinizer05pretty identical :-)18:02
viricysionneau: Valls, the catalan minister... for what I remember, his sister in Barcelona was quite ashamed of him18:02
arossdotmefor example see me newest post http://social.aross.me18:03
arossdotmefor a example18:03
ysionneauviric: oh really?18:03
viricysionneau: and I remember when Ràdio Arrels interviewed him in Catalan, he refused to use Catalan, and spoke always in French. Once asked, he said that he couldn't speak anything but French in France, for respect to the citizens18:03
arossdotmebut diff $relogion18:03
ysionneaugood, he indeed is quite a shame for a left wing political man18:03
ysionneauhe's not left wing at all...18:03
viricysionneau: the interview went on with catalan questions and his french answers18:03
ysionneauwell, for this I have no opinion18:04
viricysionneau: he used catalan, but only in Catalonia, outside France.18:04
ysionneauit sounds .. weird to react like that18:04
ysionneauif I know how to speak English and I have an English speaking person in front of me, I think I will speak English...18:04
ysionneaunot to exclude the english speaking person :o18:04
viricIt was a Catalan radio, with all public and people in the radio always speaking catalan18:05
viricyet in France.18:05
viricgood that the radio is not banned at least. But they allowed it only after "la vergonha"18:06
arossdotme*and english speaking person mentally acknowledges that he only speaks one language while the other person speaks more than one.... :)18:06
arossdotmeand feels kind-a guilty18:06
ysionneauyeah, I should have chosen another example18:06
ysionneauthis one is special18:06
ysionneauI don't speak Catalan :p18:06
arossdotmeno it was a ok example18:07
arossdotmeI was just acknowledgeing my err appreation for those that speak eng as well as $native-lang18:07
arossdotme appreciation18:07
ysionneauwell english is usually a must-have, nowadays18:08
arossdotmeso why was he doing this18:08
ysionneauValls? Dunno, he's just ... ok let's stay polite.18:09
arossdotmei thought you just said...18:09
viricFrance had a very strong politics against non-French18:10
viricby always showing the non-French as unpatriotical, unpolite, ...18:10
viricit started with the fight against nazis18:10
viricIf you weren't ultra-french, you were shown as enemy of the country.18:10
arossdotmehmm, need to look up catalan it seams... guilty18:10
viricFrench still think about "the politeness of speaking French"18:11
DocScrutinizer05are french radio stations still required to play at least 50% of songs in french language?18:12
ysionneauat least I know there is some quota for movies on TV18:14
ysionneau"cultural exception" they say18:14
ysionneauprimary goal being not to get invaded with USA (sub?)culture18:14
viricThat's fine as self-protection from abroad18:15
viricBut it's horrible when that's done against the own citizens18:15
viricfor example, in "only French allowed in public communications"18:15
DocScrutinizer05without laws ruling it, radio stations tend to play the songs their audience wants to hear. Forcing them to play songs they wouldn't play otherwise is basically manipulation / patronizing of their audience, the French people18:18
viricDocScrutinizer05: they play the songs they are payed to play18:18
ysionneauit's hard to really know what people want to hear18:19
ysionneauthat's very manipulated18:19
ysionneaupeople want what they are said to want18:19
DocScrutinizer05viric: at least here in Germany radio stations *pay* for each song they play18:19
viricThere comes Sony Inc., and pays a lot to French radios to spread their things18:19
DocScrutinizer05google GEMA18:20
viricmany bands are commercial products18:20
ysionneauif you show a chart with top10 songs to people, that you totally made up, then this top10 chart will quickly become the truth18:20
ysionneaupeople will start wanting those songs18:20
pcercueiDocScrutinizer05: yeah, I run into it a lot on youtube18:20
pcercueithat's so annoying18:21
viricDocScrutinizer05: why you think there is a 50% rule?18:21
viricFrench music is shitty compared to USA music?18:22
viricand the law goes against good taste?18:22
viricor USA music is also shitty, and French would prefer music in many tongues?18:22
viricOr maybe they would enjoy mainly Czech music.18:23
viricI agree more with ysionneau view18:23
arossdotmei find a lot of music i like on jamendo.com is by french artists18:28
arossdotmea lot or a good portion of the music i like....18:29
viricarossdotme: are them on the radio stations?18:30
arossdotmeerr no18:30
arossdotmei don't bother with radio18:30
arossdotmeinternet radio, maybe18:31
arossdotmelibre.fm if that counts18:31
DocScrutinizer05viric: I think there's such 50%(?) rule because a 10 dozen news reported about it, several years or even decades ago. For the rest of your weird speculations, please check your own communication methods and statements instead of bashing others for allegedly "taking judgement"18:43
DocScrutinizer05and this reference to 50% rule is not a "view", just for a sidenote18:45
DocScrutinizer05it's jsut that: a reference to a well known proven fact, though maybe obsolete18:46
viricDocScrutinizer05: Sorry, I meant why you think that the government set such a rule19:57
DocScrutinizer05I don't know20:03
DocScrutinizer05but i'm quite sure I despise it20:04
DocScrutinizer05I can't think of a reason that would justify such rule. IOW no matter what's the problem, there's for sure a better solution than such rule20:05
DocScrutinizer05a suggestion for wording: "what do you think why government set such rule?"20:07
virichm may be. I'm not very good at English :)20:48
ysionneauhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/11334934/Vladimir-Putin-bans-transsexuals-from-driving.html ....21:05
arossdotme+1 wtf21:18
DocScrutinizer05oooh figure the confusion and thus risk those individuals introduce to traffic ;-)21:31
ysionneauI checked and indeed WHO is putting transsexual and travesti as behavioural disorder21:32
wpwrakthat's what mindless rule-centric bureaucracy does for you :) that could so happen in .de as well ;-)21:34
wpwrakand i wonder if it's an outright "ban" or just additional requirements. e.g., a doctor's certificate or such.21:35
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: indeed, exactly23:14
DocScrutinizer05you can even spend a 8 years in psychiatry here, when you say your bank does illegal stuff and the bank says "No, this guy must be paranoid". Even when the bank later on says "duh, there actually happened illegal stuff" you stay in psychiatry23:15
DocScrutinizer05just because you're already there, a Doctor can't fal when diagnosing mental disorder ;-)23:16
wpwrakcatch 22 :)23:41
DocScrutinizer05nah, catch 22 was exactly the opposite, no?23:59
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