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wpwrakcute ;-)12:22
wpwrakand here we go again: weak random numbers, no clue about protocol design: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/31C3-Kredit-und-Bankkarten-mit-Chip-total-unsicher-2506895.html13:06
wpwrakwhat is puzzling is that the specifications seem to be public, so why did it take so long to figure all this out ? http://www.emvco.com/specifications.aspx13:07
larsche said in the talk, that after he made it public people started looking and found existing exploits13:16
nicksydney_wpwrak: nice wireframe model ....  http://anelok.com/test/13:17
GNUtoovalhalla_: ping13:34
wpwraklarsc: ah, so it was a question of getting things rolling. still amazing that it took so long, though13:35
larsceverybody who discovered it went for the quick money first13:36
wpwraknicksydney_: glad you like it :) it's not too garish, i hope ?13:36
wpwraklarsc: yeah, there's of course that option. rather tempting in that case :)13:36
valhalla_GNUtoo: pong15:22
GNUtoovalhalla_: I'll PM you15:41
nicksydney_wpwrak: nah it's good ...thought you were going to use 2 MCU /21:15
wpwrakthat's for later :)21:30
wpwrakfor now the plan is to get the existing design to work. once this is done, i can makes things more complicated :)21:30
wpwraki'm kinda curious about the micro-B situation. would be very nice if we could get rid of the AB connector and just use B.21:32
wpwraki also wonder if i may change the A-GND-B-... pattern of the capacitive sensor for a simpler A-B-... pattern. that would allow for some very nice simplifications on that daughterboard and increase the sensor area21:37
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