#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2014-12-26

sb0whitequark, can that thing reach good vacuum?03:12
sb0and is it really oil free?03:12
whitequarksb0: it will be more than sufficient as a rough pump03:14
whitequarki actually considered getting one, but it's too unwieldy, if slightly cheaper used03:15
whitequark(not this one, the one I could pick up locally for $50)03:15
sb0the main advantage of vacuum scroll pumps is there's no oil in the scroll, and so no oil vapor contaminating the turbopump, chamber etc.03:16
whitequarkyes, I know.03:16
sb0is that thing better that a wet rotary vane pump?03:16
whitequarkI'm fairly certain. if it will have any oil, it would only be in bearings.03:17
whitequarkand I don't think bearings will outgas at roughing pressure much03:17
whitequarkI mean, a (vacuum scroll pump) compressor is a (A/C freon scroll pump) compressor03:18
whitequarkthey don't really differ much in design03:18
whitequarkfor bonus points, the A/C ones tend to be much quieter03:18
DocScrutinizer51congrats for surviving xmess, and a successfull 2015 to everybody! Live long and prosper18:56
larsctoo early19:03
astrsame for you.19:20
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