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DocScrutinizer05http://gentooexperimental.org/~patrick/weblog/archives/2014-11.html#e2014-11-23T09_26_01.txt haha06:53
eintopfhi DocScrutinizer05 :-)07:05
DocScrutinizer05[2014-12-11 Thu 10:29:24] [Notice] -NickServ- _whitelogger is not registered.09:30
larscwpwrak: I though the saying went, the masters run the bank ;)09:31
DocScrutinizer05found a bank?09:32
DocScrutinizer05my rigol take until week 2 of 2015 til shipping :-/09:33
pcercueilarsc, could you push your DT code? :p19:29
larscI don't know19:29
larscI tried to get your pinctrl driver running on jz4740 today19:30
larscI'm still confused ;)19:30
pcercueiah, any success?19:30
larscnot yet19:34
pcercueiconfused about what?19:35
larscdid you already add any users?19:36
pcercueiyes, basically everything19:37
larscwho sets up the pins?19:38
larscis this handled in the driver core?19:38
pcercueino, it's in the platform code19:39
pcercuei(or devicetree, once we move to that)19:39
pcercueisee https://github.com/gcwnow/linux/blob/jz-3.18/arch/mips/jz4770/board-gcw0.c#L77919:39
larscyep, found it19:40
larscand switching between default and sleep?19:41
larscthat is done in the driver?19:41
pcercueiit's done automatically by the core19:42
pcercueiif your driver supports PM19:42
pcercueior runtime PM19:42
pcercueiif you need something to test, our PWM driver is derived from yours and should work out of the box19:45
pcercueiand it uses pinctrl19:45
pcercueistatic struct resource jz4740_iio_resources[]19:50
pcercueiof_platform_bus_probe is deprecated, btw19:51
pcercueiah, 1 year 7 months ago. I'll let that one slip then19:51
eintopfdoes anybody know the old parallelport interface for printers, how possible is it to control the inside stepper motor with that?20:48
eintopfokay forget it, I plugged in the power cable start the old printer and it makes "puffff"20:52
eintopfI suppose some elko is broken now20:52
kristianpaul"The iCE40 FPGA was a prerequisite for us to complete our new system design, said the head of the watch departments system development section at Citizen Watch Ltd,. Lattices solution provided the smallest form factor for processing data received from GPS satellites and computing precise time, faster than any processor for running our custom algorithms and without the need to develop an ASIC."22:01
wpwrakjust when you thought smartwatches had poor battery life :)22:07
wpwrakeco drive is nice, though. i also have a citizen, though a not quite so expensive model :)22:08
eintopfthey need to use 80215422:11
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