#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2014-12-03

wpwrakmeh. what would be really cool is if you could print pi in hex, and it would be a valid program ... that calculates pi :)16:09
mthI've got an interpreter for that language... it's called "cat" ;)16:14
eintopfI bet on the slackware image for the first dez. you will find wpwrak somewhere16:15
wpwrakmth: ;-)16:34
viricwhitequark: do you have github blocked?16:42
kyakviric: http://geektimes.ru/post/242306/17:55
larscoctocat is clearly a symbol for the degeneration of western morals18:05
viriccrazy things19:06
whitequarkviric: no19:06
whitequarkmy ISP ignores the blacklist19:06
larscwhitequark: and you pay your ISP in bitcoins, iirc, right?19:35
whitequarkI could pay for utilities, cellular operator, and SIP provider19:36
whitequarkalthough I've since then stopped, because there's hardly any point19:36
whitequarkit wasn't direct payment anyway, the services had no idea19:38
whitequarkit was essentially a payment aggregator (or something), like say you can pay from within your bank website19:38
larscis it possible to setup a custom stack with standard C facilities?19:39
whitequarkstandard C? no19:40
whitequark<language-lawyer>I don't think stack even conceptually exists explicitly in the standard19:40
larscnon-standard C?19:40
whitequarkusing imlementation-defined stuff? sure19:41
whitequarklike, say, abusing longjmp19:41
larschttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setcontext I guess19:42
whitequarkor that, but it's maybe less portable19:45
larscLinux is enough for me ;)19:45
larscI mean longjmp doesn't support switching the stack, or doe sit?19:47
whitequarkwell, it pops rsp19:49
whitequarkit doesn't *support* switching the stack, but that doesn't mean you can't do it19:49
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