#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2014-11-22

larscpcercuei: dt is working, I had to use unflatten_and_copy_device_tree() though14:11
pcercueipush it :p14:40
larscirqs are not yet working14:43
larscbut mem resources are working14:44
larschow did you hook up the irq domain stuff?15:36
pcercueiI did not16:48
pcercueiI hacked the jz4740-rtc so that it wouldn't send me IRQs16:49
pcercueijust so that I can try the devicetree with a simple enough driver16:49
larscok, I think I figured it out now16:54
larscthe tricky part is supporting both dt and non-dt setups for now16:58
keesWeethetnietmHi there people, can someone give me some simple answer18:01
larscdepends on the question I guess18:01
keesWeethetnietmregarding my PSU voltages, it seems like my PSU isn't getting the correct voltages18:02
keesWeethetnietmBSODS like no other, regardless of OS18:02
keesWeethetnietmlarsc: i'm i under the right assumption that my PSU is not outputting the right voltages?18:05
larscno idea18:06
keesWeethetnietmlarsc: ok man, thnx anyway18:06
keesWeethetnietmbrb rebooting, chaning power outlet and cable18:10
keesWeethetnietmok rebooted, same voltages as the screenshot18:19
keesWeethetnietmno one?18:26
keesWeethetnietmmensen ik  ben wanhopig alsjeblieft18:34
keesWeethetnietmik trek het niet meer18:35
larscik kan di net verstein18:45
keesWeethetnietmyou have been to amsterdam i quess18:47
larscno, but where I grew up they speek lower german (nederduits) which is kind of similar to the dutch language18:50
eintopf"ich kann das nicht verstehen"18:50
eintopfi understand that as german18:50
eintopfbut listen funny18:50
eintopfit seems more that somebody had not the right keys anymore onto his keyboard18:51
larscits the so called vowel shift18:52
keesWeethetnietmeintopf do you have any kwoledge of PSU output18:53
eintopfi am a software guy, sorry.18:53
eintopfI know PDU - packet data unit18:54
keesWeethetnietmow ok18:54
eintopfwhats a PSU output? :)18:56
keesWeethetnietmpower supply unit output19:05
eintopfI only have some mains adapter and connect this to a 780519:07
eintopfand how to connect the 7805 is described in the datasheet19:08
eintopfthe rest is all some kind of power supply which I could do a suicide19:08
eintopfis enough to power supply some avr controllers19:09
eintopfdon't tell me this is dangerous!19:09
keesWeethetnietmi don't understand19:11
eintopfsorry :(19:11
eintopfme neither19:12
eintopfwhat I mean, I have some power supply 5-7 voltage and then a 780519:12
eintopfand then I have some power supply for my little hardware projects19:13
eintopfbut you want to play with internal power supply of the mainboard?19:13
eintopfdoing some kind of undervoltage? for saving battery power? :-)19:14
keesWeethetnietmno i'm having a problem with BSOD's19:15
keesWeethetnietmand my concern was that my PSU, wasn't outputting the correct power19:15
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