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wpwrakeintopf: "cat explorer" ;-)11:34
astrknow anything about cryptsetup ubuntu/debain installs?21:17
whitequarkI have one21:17
astrwhitequark, I did a  full install custom encrypted / . so no swap just /boot &  / and no lvm. it works but I mounted / and added some files and now when I boot it and correctly enter my pass it doesn't complete boot with the error of the checksum not matching for root fs. how do I regenerate this checksum?21:25
whitequarkwhat is the error exactly?21:25
whitequarkand which FS?21:25
astrdid a FS check and that was fine no errors21:26
astrI think it's becuase I modified / when the sytem wasn't booted and somewhere there is a checksum for / to see if it's been modified which is checked when I try to boot the system21:27
whitequarkthere is no such checksum21:27
whitequarkwhat is the exact error you're getting?21:28
astrok well I enter my password and then I get the option of maintence shell or S for skip21:28
astrI forget exalty I think it was something like "checksum did not match"21:28
whitequarkcan you take a photo of it or type the error exactly as it appears?21:28
whitequarkwell, I can't help you with that.21:28
astrsigh ok, i'll reboot laptop. thank you for baring with me21:29
astrnot long now...21:40
astrcrypt_sdc5 cryptsetup setup usefully21:43
astrpress s to skip mounting or m for manual recovery21:44
astrwhitequark, 21:44
astrpress S get continure to wait, or press S to skip.......21:44
astrscreen gone black no info even after pressing esc to get console21:45
astrgiving up killing it21:48
whitequarkthat's not the entire message, is it?21:49
whitequarkalso, "usefully"? wtf21:49
astrhang on21:49
astropps sorry i mean : successfully21:50
whitequarkso where's the checksum error there?21:50
astrtrying to find it21:50
astrok so after cryptsetup: sdc5_crypt setup seccessfully then I get "Keys: Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery"21:51
astrthis time I press M instead of S21:51
whitequarkit should have printed something else before, then21:51
astrin maintenance console: "root filesystem check failed."21:52
astra maintence shell with now be started21:52
astrcontrol-d to reboot21:52
astrso I see the error when I press M for manual recovery21:53
astr"root filesystem check failed."21:53
astrhmm what to do21:53
whitequarkso, this is simply a dirty filesystem21:53
whitequarkfsck it.21:53
astrbut I did a fsck with gpared allreadly21:53
whitequarkwell, do it from the maintenance shell21:54
astrI booted into my other install unlocked the encrypted partition and did a ....21:54
astrfsck /dev/mapper/sdc5_crypt I shall do21:56
astre2fsck: reports it as clean21:56
astrI assume you don't need the files and blocks count?21:57
astrarrr I wonder.....21:57
astrno never mind21:57
astrthen again maybe mount for the dev point was the wrong one as /etc/mtab is not updated21:58
astri'll try agian21:59
astrcat /proc/mounts21:59
astrhow to get dev point for encrypted ext4 FS22:02
astrhmm /etc/crypttab 22:03
astroh no22:03
astrthanks no it22:03
astrwhy did i write thanks no it urgh22:16
astrwhitequark, arr ok just running fsck was all was needed22:20
astroh but yea fsck says clean for /boot partition and for ext4 / partition22:22
astrwell encryped device/dev point22:23
astr"/dev/mapper/sdc5_crypt: clean, 21047/1908736 files, 1542919/7623680"22:25
astrwhitequark, not fixed, see above. when I said fsck was all was needed I meant just "fsck" not fsck <pram>22:27
astrfsck -f / resulstin clean23:38
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