#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2014-11-12

wpwrakwell well, it seems that we have reached the point where spam becomes art: https://privatepaste.com/5179c5c69c00:27
wpwrakby some odd coincidence, i was watching "automata" at the time of receiving this00:28
zrafawpwrak: is that a movie?00:48
eintopflooks like google translate00:52
DocScrutinizer05>>...layout for a smartphone (preferably with a MTK chipset) << sure :-P particularly with mtk chipset02:16
DocScrutinizer05I know a layout with calypso chipset, but I think it never got published in a way that's showing all 8 layers in a useful way02:17
DocScrutinizer05people ask funny questions02:18
eintopfI am also not a hardware expert :(02:24
wpwrakeintopf: google translate, with a really bad hangover ;-)04:10
wpwrakzrafa: (movie) yup, about robots :) funnily, that spam sounds a little better then you translate it (back ?) to spanish or english04:15
whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: https://i.imgur.com/gn8XwjC.jpg08:24
whitequarkI gotta grant it to you Germans, the execution is thorough.08:24
ysionneauwhat is that supposed to do?!09:33
whitequarkit's a HDMI to garden hose adapter09:35
whitequarkother side: http://s5.pikabu.ru/images/big_size_comm/2014-03_5/13957716331551.jpg09:36
ysionneauwhat the....09:38
whitequarksome more pics taken with my camera: http://lab.whitequark.org/images/broken-3310-lcd.jpeg10:36
whitequarkyou can actually see the pixels!10:36
wpwrakgood macro mode. poor display :)10:45
Action: pcercuei slaps larsc 16:46
pcercueiyou reverted my working commit and replaced it with non-working code :(16:47
kyakmy hand-made memory display using osd_cat suddenly stopped working17:17
kyakit turned out the "free" from procps-ng has changed it's output17:17
kyaknow it is not multiline17:17
kyakand without the weird "+/- buffers/cache" line17:18
kyakit's good, but i wonder how many scripts have suddently stopped working :)17:18
apeletelarsc, are you there ?19:40
wpwrakpcercuei: seems that lars is learning to embrace his dark side. very good :-)20:26
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