#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2014-11-08

sloantotheboneI wish to know how to create a ben nanonote04:52
sloantothebonecan anybody give me links, tips, etc04:53
sloantothebonesomebody please check their irc clients?04:55
Action: Textmode huggles sloantothebone :305:17
Action: sloantothebone squirms out of textmode's arms05:17
sloantothebonei wish to know how to create a ben nanonote05:18
eintopfoh I wish I would have a ben nanonote, such cool thing06:20
rjeffrieswpwrak do I understand your dy job now is working on Neo900 very-open-GSM-phone-slash-pocket-computer? Keyboard but no touch screen?06:39
rjeffriesnow used a bit of GoogleFu and realize Neo900 has resistive dual-touch screen.06:43
rjeffriesMuch  to like about Neo900, a pocket linux computer, happens to come with phone and mobile data radios.06:45
rjeffriesone assumes (hopes) that anelok password thingie works brilliantly with Neo90006:48
rozzinwpwrak: Echo is less cute than Jibo.22:38
rozzinwpwrak: It's like Jibo interbred with an Ionic Breeze.22:40
wpwrakjibo looks near. i'd make it a bit less goofy, though22:49
rozzinwpwrak: Jibo is itself the lovechild of HAL 9000 and Luxo Jr.23:06
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