#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2014-11-03

kyakubuntu "command-line system" installation (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems) takes up 159 Mb of RAM..07:13
kyakin contrast, arch linux installation takes up 57 Mb07:13
kyakwhich is still too much in my opinion.. i think it used to be 13 Mb before they switched to systemd07:17
kyakor maybe i confuse it with nanonote :)07:18
larscthe nanonote kernel alone is almost that size07:35
whitequarkis there a shell command (*not* a bash builtin) that implements ! ?08:00
whitequarksomething like... not08:00
whitequarknot true; echo $? # 008:00
larscwell, test08:01
whitequarktest doesn't invoke commands though08:02
larscdepends on your shell I guess08:02
whitequark>(*not* a bash builtin)08:02
whitequarkexactly because of this08:02
whitequark/usr/bin/[ doesn't invoke commands.08:03
larscrun a subshell ;)08:05
kyakwhat is that you are trying to do in the first place?08:05
whitequarkexactly what I described. I have a command which returns 1 on success and I need a negation of it08:06
larscbut why does it have to be not a shell built-in08:07
whitequarkbecause if $x doesn't invoke shell builtins08:08
whitequarkI eventually caved and did sh -c "$x" instead08:08
kyakcan you invoke your command first, and then use "$?" in test?08:12
whitequarknevermind though, it works with subshell08:12
wpwrakwhitequark: eval "$x"   :)10:00
wpwrak(with ! and whatever builtin you fancy)10:00
whitequarkoh, ha, that'd actually be what I want10:02
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