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eintopfanyone a matlab simulink/scilab (code generation for control theory) expert?05:07
eintopfI hope not, but I need to do this now...05:07
kyakeintopf: what's your question? I might be able to help you out with MATLAB/Simulink06:39
whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: re ultrasonic cleaners on #neo90008:29
whitequarkthey're rad.08:29
whitequarkI especially like mine for cleaning glasses08:29
whitequarkpour soapy water inside, put glasses for 2min, all the gunk from nooks and crevices is washed out and the lenses look like brand new08:30
DocScrutinizer05"elections" in Donetsk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE11:52
DocScrutinizer05and guess what: "yesterday 98.5% of sold servings were spam, so our customers must like it. we'll offer spam today as well"11:55
DocScrutinizer05HAHA damn KDE plasma segfaulted and restarted, freeing roundabout 5GB of RAM13:38
whitequarkthis is why I use everything from KDE... except plasma and kwin13:38
whitequarkrather I use i3 as window manager and nothing instead of plasma13:39
whitequarkwell, really, it's because i3 crashes plasma and plasma crashes i3, but a side effect is that plasma doesn't crash by itself13:39
whitequarkhave I mentioned I hate software?13:39
whitequarkon the topic of hating software, avoid cmake AT ANY COST13:40
whitequarkholding the business end of a soldering iron is literally more pleasant than writing cmake configs13:40
DocScrutinizer05on a pleasant side effect, this restart gave all th old nice colorful icons in systray, instead of the idiotic new style gay in gray shit13:41
whitequarkit's something that makes you appreciate how straightforward, simple, and easy to use autoconf is13:41
whitequarkwell-documented too13:41
DocScrutinizer05another side effect: print key doesn't start screenshot anymore so I could sho them13:41
Action: DocScrutinizer05 idly wonders what's the concept behind web appearances and projects at large like http://www.mydays.de/ - looks like somebody with no real clue but (barely) enough money had an "idea", and the funny part is: sometimes such nonsense might actually fly13:56
DocScrutinizer05prolly not this though, the appearance is just too boring and uninspired. No TV advertisements will help to make it fly13:57
DocScrutinizer05they even failed to register/secure the "typo domains" like myday.de or maydays.de13:58
kyakDocScrutinizer05: elections in Donetsk: https://twitter.com/dolgovstrasse/status/52887825869651968017:54
DocScrutinizer05dolgovstrasse ???17:56
DocScrutinizer05ypu sure that's not in Germany? ;)17:56
DocScrutinizer05no dolgovstrasse in whole germany17:58
DocScrutinizer05anyway, I can't read Russian17:59
kyak--) yeah, the name is kinda strange18:02
kyakit's the picture, text doesn't really matter18:02
whitequarkyes, because we all know that Random Pictures From Internet are a reliable source18:08
kyakonly it's not random18:09
whitequarkoh, right, it's some pro-putin guy18:10
whitequarkthat makes it *less* reliable than a truly random picture18:10
kyakok :)18:11
DocScrutinizer05it's just a picture. Nothing interesting I can see in it18:31
DocScrutinizer05not like queues not expected18:31
DocScrutinizer05maybe a _bit_ funny that you don't see more snipers with their Kalashnikov on that snapshot18:32
DocScrutinizer05actually they give away cake and sell fruits for cheap in those voting points, I heard. So damn sure queues are pretty much expected18:33
DocScrutinizer05and I heard they don't have electorate lists either. So you can bet the election participation is a 100% ;-P18:35
DocScrutinizer05and all will vote pro-separation since there's nothing else you _could_ vote for18:36
DocScrutinizer05and even if you could, nobody would _dare_18:36
DocScrutinizer05"votes" bwahahaha18:37
DocScrutinizer05and in the end the whole comedy doesn't matter anyway, since no matter what those who "count" the ballots will get as result, the _official_ result will be what those with hat on want it to be18:41
DocScrutinizer05so you can be triple-assured about the result, and you could have been weeks ago already18:42
DocScrutinizer05there's no slightest faintest doubt18:42
DocScrutinizer05as sure as "SPAM on your dish"18:44
DocScrutinizer05~spell rad18:45
infobotI can't find alternate spellings for 'rad'18:45
Action: DocScrutinizer05 neither18:46
DocScrutinizer05~dict rad18:47
infobotDictionary 'rad' (2 of 8): a unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material ;; the unit of plane angle adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to the angle at the center of a circle subtended by an arc equal in length to the radius (approximately 57.295 degrees) .18:47
kyakthat video still arouses appetite somehow :)18:48
kyakthe mony python18:48
DocScrutinizer05damn plasma restart also took all cookies with it - temporarily until reboot I guess21:38
DocScrutinizer05kquitapp plasma-desktop; sleep3; plasma-desktop21:39
DocScrutinizer05let's see how far that gets21:39
DocScrutinizer05damn, krunner is no shell21:40
DocScrutinizer05dang! doesn't help21:42
nicksydney_wpwrak: https://www.bendor.com.au/fossil/armlib.cgi/ARMLIB22:10
wpwrakhmm, some of the crypto functions could be useful23:18
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