#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2014-10-29

DocScrutinizer05fsck KDE! http://wstaw.org/m/2014/10/29/plasma-desktopqh1874.png00:21
wpwraklot sof tabs, lots of ads ? :)01:11
DocScrutinizer05memleaking, kinda01:13
DocScrutinizer05particularly all browsers seem to never free memory before you quit all cilds / forked instances01:14
DocScrutinizer05and flash prolly worst of them all01:15
DocScrutinizer05or maybe JS, dunno01:15
DocScrutinizer05seems JS stuff stays in mem until all browser instances close01:16
DocScrutinizer05konqueror mainly, though very same issue with FF01:16
whitequarkthey do this01:17
whitequarkchrome does this less01:17
DocScrutinizer05FF even worse, it seems to never stop eating mem even for a simple page with only a few JS elements that update every minute01:18
whitequarkaka why I don't use FF01:18
whitequarkchrome eats about a gig and stays there, which is fine to me, I have 1001:18
whitequarkwell, chromium.01:18
DocScrutinizer058 here01:18
wpwraki wish browsers would simply stop whatever creeps and crawls in a tab if the tab isn't selected01:22
whitequarkwpwrak: they do so, to a degree01:23
wpwrakan army of chromium-browser processes running at a few % CPU each tells me that a higher degree would be nice ...01:26
wpwraki mean, i have four cores but i didn't get them for such nonsense ..01:26
DocScrutinizer05http://wstaw.org/m/2014/10/29/plasma-desktopBw1874.png  http://wstaw.org/m/2014/10/29/plasma-desktopot1874.png01:27
arhuacoI stopped using Flash sometime ago. (Main computer).02:01
arhuacoBTW, sometime ago I tried to write some code to restrict the amount of memory Chrome could use but I failed. LD_PRELOAD is seen as security risk so it's not easy to do it with Chromium, I think it forks and discards the environment (not 100% sure). I gave up.  https://github.com/arhuaco/ram-is-mine02:07
whitequarkarhuaco: use cgroups.02:09
whitequarkcgroups are the only reliable method to restrict memory usage on linux02:09
arhuacowhitequark: Good. I'll take a look when I need this again (laptop).02:11
kyakseen it?15:56
kyakactually, it even looks interesting as the main phone :)15:58
pcercueican it send SMS?16:05
kyakby itself - probably not.. good point16:08
DocScrutinizer05OMG that second-phone crappy sandwich again. age old silly idea19:48
DocScrutinizer05I think I've first seen this sort of thing some 6 years ago19:49
wpwrakbwahaha. this is from the people who say it's safer to store things in the cloud than locally: http://recode.net/2014/10/29/maker-of-retailer-apple-pay-competitor-has-already-been-hacked/21:22
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