#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2014-10-28

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astradvice regarding ssd's and swap? I don't get it I thought swap that is heavy used would use up the life of a ssd very quickly?19:41
kristianpaulavoid swap20:19
whitequarkswap is needed for hibernation though20:19
kristianpaulssd still have short life cycle compared to mechanicals disks though 20:20
kristianpaulwhitequark: servers do not hibernate :troll:20:21
eintopfi want to hibernate my brain now. good night21:19
astrkristianpaul, thought so. I have to use swap as I need more ram but can't upgrade it any more :( evil intel22:07
astrI guess I will do a sd card full install with optermisations to reduce writing adn keep the hd for swap and files store. this way I reduce IO on the HD and hopefull make things more snapy when i'm pushing it's limits22:09
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