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wpwrakwow. how many snakes had to give their oil for this one ? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1052775620/wemagin-smart-usb-drive14:53
larscwpwrak: It seems the project has probably also caused shortage in natrual fertilizers15:02
viricwhat is this thing?15:02
viric"scratch the hidden key2?15:02
wpwrak"secreto ergo security" -- "i secrete therefore i'm secure"15:05
paul_boddie"W IS MILITARY GRADE" Surely it should be a tank driving over that thing, not a mere car.15:42
valhallathat project backhistory! think of the CHILDREN!!!1ONE!!! 15:46
paul_boddieI also like the way they ride the current celebrity nudes bandwagon by having an "ACTOR" amongst the "EVANGETLISTS" (sic).15:46
wpwrak"military grade" = the oil comes from camouflaged snakes15:47
wpwrak(actor) "amongst" ? she's the only one :) and the video starts with "protecting women". leave no stereotype unserviced. i'm sure they're also have a cure for communism and islamism somewhere ;-)15:50
valhallait's also recyclable!15:50
valhallaprivate browser: google vs W ---> google?15:51
wpwrakso much technobabble in today's world. who could possibly get all those names right, and does it matter anyway ?15:52
paul_boddieI mean, nice idea and everything, but with all that snake oil and "PATENT PENDING", "Gates Foundation", presented in the classic Kickstarter campaign fashion...15:55
wpwraki find it hard to tell if there's anything real below all the fuzz15:57
wpwrakand some of the features sound dubious. not as in "certainly impossible" but as in "unlikely and/or needing a lot of work"15:58
wpwrakand there must be some weasel in the mix, too, not just snakes. because the unlimited cloud space is of course impossible. but if they can rate-limit, then if becomes quite feasible16:00
wpwrakor maybe it's "unlimited storage, limited retrieval" ;-)16:02
paul_boddie /dev/null solves yet another problem. ;-)16:03
mthit looks like what they're selling is actually a VPN subscription16:18
mthbut packaged like a USB device so they can put it on Kickstarter16:19
mthI don't know if it's clear to potential backers that this thing won't work at all when the included subscription year is over16:19
paul_boddieI am also a bit skeptical about the "works on Windows" part as if the special USB stick communicates magically with the user's fingertips...16:26
paul_boddie...without any of the data touching the sides of the dirty vessel as it heads out over the network.16:26
mthapparently "unlimited" is 4TB; the creator must have worked at a telco ;)16:30
mthin that timeline, what is Sep 2013 actually saying...?16:35
mtha fact they don't mention that the privacy it provides depends entirely on trusting their browser and their VPN16:37
paul_boddieSep 2013 says that they had "10 programmers on board, dedicated to creating ... malware for USB firmware" ;-)16:40
kyakjust don't google "steve kim"16:40
kyakreally, don't16:40
paul_boddieI imagine it's not an uncommon name.16:40
mththe answer to the question about USB firmware attacks isn't very satisfying either... "Hopefully by the time we're ready to ship, its resolved."16:52
mthwhile probably, if the hardware allows the firmware to be reflashed over USB, there is no way they can remedy that after shipping16:53
mthunless the reflashing software is in the part that can be flashed, then they could "seal" it by uploading non-upgradable firmware16:53
mthand hope it is bug free ;)16:54
mthin any case, if something on the host machine wants to attack their browser, there are easier ways than targeting the USB stick's firmware16:55
mthhmm, isn't the grandmother using a MacBook Air?17:12
valhalla1also, what if my grandmother was one of the eniac ladies? (no, she wasn't: right age, wrong continent, but still...)17:15
paul_boddieOn the topic of future crowdfunding, this looks promising: http://rhombus-tech.net/community_ideas/micro_desktop/news/Interface_Status_Report/21:52
paul_boddieContext: http://lists.phcomp.co.uk/pipermail/arm-netbook/2014-October/010287.html21:56
astrhmm yep, looking forward to it22:42
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