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arhuacowpwrak: You're a veteran UNIX developer. You can vote! :-P This technical world is full of drama. All the time.08:03
larscSurvivor of the Unix wars08:09
nicksydneywpwrak: http://inversepath.com/usbarmory09:56
wpwraknicksydney: heavy stuff :)12:50
wpwraklarsc: it was the winter of 1970, the beginning of the epoch. we were down to our last PDP-11 and we were running out of inodes. ...12:54
kyakhe was so old, that his birth day could not be expressed in unix time14:00
larscand his beard so long it seemingly never ended14:02
kyakit was the day he decided that Debian shall be forked..14:06
wpwrakkyak: correction: he was so old that people rumored that he was born before the epoch14:35
viricnormal, if the story starts in the beggining of the epoch14:41
wpwrakviric: but that's not a requirement :)14:41
viric"it was the winter of 1970, the beginning of the epoch. we were ..."14:41
wpwrakin the lands below the red castle, people lived in fear. at night, the poettering would spread its dark wings and fly over the barren land, descend on its hapless victims, sink its cruel yellow claws into them, and carry their screaming dying bodies back to his keep14:44
kyakwpwrak must be good at telling bedtime stories to kids :)14:46
wpwrakpeople spoke in hushed voices about the evil of the poettering. some said, his victims would be spun into the web of the systemd and their grotesquely disfigured corpses would be kept alive by vile binary magic14:46
kyaksmall kids14:47
wpwrakscared kids ;-)14:47
kyakthanks to you, yes :)14:50
wpwraksome said his victims would at times awaken from their numb agony and make short high-pitched screams that didn't sound like anything ever heard from a living creature. when the wind carried over these sound from the red castle, people averted their eyes and muttered "pulse audio"14:52
kyak--) we will have quite a few sophisticated words in topwords :)14:56
wpwrakwoe upon you. now you have summoned the beast !14:57
kyakmy tv just lost signal14:57
kyakplease, no!!14:58
wpwraksome of the old villagers told stories of the time when they were known as the debian, a proud and free people. and they told of the fall, when the debian let in the warlocks of politicking.15:00
wpwrakit is with their help that the poettering rose to power in these lands and now the debian are forced to renounce their beliefs and wear red hats, as the mark of the beast15:01
wpwrakstories told of the fate of the warlocks of politicking. some say they live among the people, doing their evil in secrecy. other say they dwell a the castle and ride forth on moonless nights, mounted on eight-legged beasts that had no color nor would they cast any shadow for they were made of darkness itself15:04
Action: kyak will have to drink a lot to get this horrible visions out of the head15:08
kristianpaulwpwrak: you still using ubuntu?15:15
wpwrakwith a very long list of packages i remove ;-)15:16
kyakoh, that's calling for a fork! --)15:34
larscremix ;)15:35
kyakubuntu dark knight edition15:37
larscmaybe we should fork the kernel and remove all the systemd enablement stuff like cgroups and kdbus15:37
larscand call the fork Freax15:37
larschttp://linuxfork.org/ is still available15:39
larscso for a change in topic:17:43
larsc"Hi developer, [...] as part of a research team [...] we are studying the practical use of the C preprocessor. In particular, we ask questions about the following main topics:17:43
larsc- Why the C preprocessor is still widely used in practice?17:43
larsc- What are the common problems of using preprocessor directives?17:43
larsc- What are the alternatives to preprocessor directives?"17:44
ysionneauwow, I wouldn't know what to answer17:47
ysionneauah nice picture!17:48
larschere is the full survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rHRSXfZVLLi4sV91zM5jML_N47M7xnbjqyvgBT0WM_M/viewform17:50
larscthose are all horrible horrible examples17:50
mthfor example the first question isn't really answerable without knowing how much code we're talking about (1 line, 100 lines?)17:56
mthplus usually you shouldn't test OS, but feature17:56
mthwho knows when the OS will get forked ;)17:56
whitequarklarsc: wow, that code.18:05
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