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larscanybody at ELCE?08:30
eintopfnot this time08:32
DocScrutinizer05crowds? nah!08:54
DocScrutinizer05crowds getting more and more obsolete and deprecated. Particularly in times of flu and ebola08:56
eintopfDocScrutinizer05: what's going up in russia09:05
DocScrutinizer05no idea09:05
eintopfok :(09:06
kyaksure, no idea.. the news are now all about ISIL and Ebola, so what do you know?09:14
DocScrutinizer05kyak: you're asking for a fight or what? I really wonder why you always do this09:56
DocScrutinizer05competition for 1st rank of asshat?09:56
kyakwhat are you talking about? relax, take it easy..10:08
kyakwhy are you so aggresive?10:08
DocScrutinizer05i'm just answering on same level you started this "conversation"10:11
DocScrutinizer05I'm fed up with asshats insulting me just for fun10:12
ysionneauwhy is people insulting you?10:12
ysionneauI rarely got insulted :o10:12
DocScrutinizer05no idea. ask kyak10:12
Action: ysionneau points the light beam to kyak 10:12
kyakDocScrutinizer05: sorry, i didn't mean to insult you10:14
kyakand i'm not an asshat, whatever this means10:15
DocScrutinizer05so what else was meant by <DocScrutinizer05> no idea  <kyak> sure, no idea.. the news are now all about ISIL and Ebola, so what do you know? 10:15
ysionneauare you both native english speakers?10:16
kyakthis means that all you know is coming from your news sources, that' all10:16
kyaki'm not :)10:16
ysionneauI guess the issue mainly comes from that10:16
ysionneauyou might not understand exactly what the other is meaning10:16
ysionneauthus leading to misinterpretation10:16
kyakthis or DocScrutinizer05 being hypochondriac10:17
ysionneauyou mean he always think he has some illness?10:17
kyak(i just looked up this work in dictionary, sorry if it translates to something else in English)10:17
kyakhe is being too suspicious10:17
ysionneauah, it's not the meaning of the word (as far as I know)10:18
kyakit's not like to whole world is trying to dig under you10:18
ysionneauit's being too suspicious ... of being sick of tons of stuff10:18
ysionneaunot suspicious in general10:18
ysionneauyou're searching for paranoid I guess10:19
kyakysionneau: now, can you put that light beam away? :)10:19
Action: ysionneau switches it off10:19
ysionneaunah, seriously, both take it easy and try to ask "what do you mean?" before thinking anything is an attack10:20
ysionneaumaybe what you understood is not what the other meant10:20
ysionneauespecially on written medium + non-native10:20
kyaki can only agree with that10:20
DocScrutinizer05I don't give a flying F about the translation of words. It's clearly been criticism and I don't need such unsolicited idiotic criticism. kyak has a record on that, you could say he's notorious for that10:21
DocScrutinizer05I don't even get why somebody asks *me* "what's going up in russia?". And I don't need any comments and for sure no criticism on my answer "no idea"10:23
DocScrutinizer05particularly from somebody who bashed me last time I dared to actually have a notion at least about russia10:24
kyak< ysionneau> why is people insulting you? -> i'm starting to understand why :)11:50
DocScrutinizer05kyak starting to understand something. That's BIG news, if only it were true12:30
DocScrutinizer05((<kyak> this means that all you know is coming from your news sources, that' all))  I wonder how you dare to state that. You got NFC to whom I talk and where my info is from12:31
DocScrutinizer05but that's not relevant anyway, since in the end it been meant as an attack no matter what you declare it to be12:32
DocScrutinizer05unless "coming from your news sources" is meant in the most general sense. But then how does that statement make any sense at all? I don't assume you want to suggest that your knowledge comes from your dreams or phantasy12:34
DocScrutinizer05or divine inspiration 12:35
DocScrutinizer05so either that statement is correct but completely meaningless, or it's insinuating I'm a dumbass. Any way it's been offensive12:37
kyaksomeone, please start a technical discussion to stop this kindergarten :)14:42
whitequarkyou started it lol14:52
kyakah, right - that was me calling other people asshat and calling myself a dumbass :)14:58
whitequarkyes, it was you who started with an insult, unprovoked15:03
whitequarktry being less of an asshole next time ;)15:03
larscwhich brings us back to this weeks topic in opensource15:04
ysionneauthe big fat Linus talking in front of his coca cola bottle ? =)15:07
whitequark... what?15:07
kyakwhitequark: hope i didn't insult you as well. It feels like i did though15:08
whitequarkyou didn't15:09
whitequark"In the end I don't care"15:10
whitequarkat least it's honest, I suppose15:10
ysionneauyes he's honest about he being an asshole15:10
ysionneaubut he thinks it's fine :)15:10
ysionneauhe thinks only few people deserve respect15:11
kyaki'm wondering what he would've achieved if he was that "honest" from the very beginning of his project15:15
whitequarkI don't think he ever behaved differently15:16
whitequarksee the famous MINIX letter, for example15:16
larsckyak: I'm wondering if he would've if he wasn't that honest15:17
kyakso we can only wonder15:18
kyakbut i don't see anything disrepectful in the MINIX letter15:19
eintopfmhh, where is wpwrak20:10
eintopfi hope he is okay :-/20:10
eintopflong time not seen20:10
eintopf!lastspoke wpwrak20:10
eintopfi want to know when he said last time something!20:11
eintopf!spoke wpwrak20:11
eintopfah rtfm20:12
eintopfso wpwrak don't have ebola20:14
eintopfbut where is he, maybe he has some free time right now. holidays :-)20:15
SyntaxTerrorHi all22:59
SyntaxTerroranyone here played with the Galaxy Gear hardware?22:59
SyntaxTerrori have a rather crazy challenge...22:59
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