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kristianpaulviric: lol, that song rythm could still been quite popular here00:56
virickristianpaul: :)07:21
viricyou can imagine that we make quite fun of the american :) lots of thigs look fun to us07:22
virickristianpaul: I was playing "el trompo" a lot with a Colombian girl some days ago10:58
viricshe told me that girls can't play it in Colombia; she had to learn in hiding.10:58
eintopfsounds lovely :-)10:59
viriceintopf: are you also colombian? :)10:59
eintopfI mean the play with a girl "el trompo" and I don't know what "el trompo" is...10:59
eintopfyoutube says it's a kind of dance11:00
eintopfor spin a spinner11:00
virica top11:01
eintopfbut it's nice that you play something which sounds that is forbidden11:03
viricwell, that ban to girls is quite silly11:03
viricI barely can believe it11:03
Action: eintopf thinks about a world where linux is forbidden11:03
eintopfah, ok11:04
eintopfhere is forbidden to smoke cannabis, but everyone smoke it11:04
eintopfoh smoking is not forbidden11:04
eintopfonly to have it11:04
whitequarkhere = ?11:04
eintopf2 weeks ago I walk at frankfurt11:06
viriceintopf: a good one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_92-JqcWC6I11:06
viricbut that's not a "battle", as we played :) That's exhibition11:06
eintopfand found a big pack on the footway11:06
eintopfviric: wow, he can do great things with this11:07
eintopfnow qi-hardware comes and tune this spinner... put some leds on it, making stats11:07
viricI can't find videos of "Multiplayer battles" :)11:07
viricbattles are quite aggressive11:08
viricwell, hits happen top vs top. Not top vs person ;)11:08
eintopfI don't see kids playing with spinners here, only ps4 and grand theft auto11:08
viricrecently we had the inauguration of the 2nd fixed spinner fields in the world11:12
viricit's part of the work trying to keep the game ongoing11:21
viricnot forgotten11:22
kyaktop gear will surely start an international conflict one day :)14:09
virickyak: that has an easy solution, bring back Malvines to the real owners: the Catalans :)14:12
viric(as for european discoverers, not taking into account idians :)14:12
kyakah, i didn't know you were also challenger :)14:17
viricThe "Malvinas" were named after the catalan isles "Illots Malvins"14:18
viricWe also have "MalvĂ­ Gran", they have "Gran Malvina"14:18
viricand of course we are quite sure that the european discovery of America was a catalan quest14:19
viricbut castillian took all history over.14:20
virickyak: whitequark: I'm dealing with Fomenko things here :)14:21
kyakwhat did you do!14:21
kyakoh no, that insane "historian"?14:22
virickyak: we recently knew about Fomenko, and quite enough of our findings match his findings on history invention14:22
virickyak: so, we can say that an independent research is bringing to a similar plaace14:23
kyakplease, no14:23
virickyak: another thing is that Fomenko "reconstruction" of a great russian empire seems completely wrong to us :)14:23
viricso we are at the step of: yes, it seems that quite enough is falsified.14:23
viricI know Fomenko is very popular ;)14:24
viricbut what can we do... if we find quite the same by different means?14:24
kyakhe is well-known, but there are not many followers of his theories14:24
viricI know I know14:24
viricthe big change is that now a lot more people has access to digitized historic works14:25
kyakwell, it could mean that some parts of theory are true, or that you are both mistaken14:25
virickyak: yes, can be. So we have to dig deeper to understand where we are.14:26
kyakwe always have to do that :)14:26
viricBut we are quite confident that we are on quite a good path. Quite enough documents support the thesis.14:28
viricbut you can't check. You either believe me or not hehe14:28
viric(I mean, our work is all published in Catalan)14:29
kyakwhat event you talking about exactly? discovery of america?14:29
viricthat was the source of all trouble14:30
viricI'm more involved in research about the Spanish literature.14:30
kyakvikings visited america in X'th century14:31
viricvikings also play a role in all that14:31
viricI wasn't meaning that discovery. I mean the Columbus.14:31
kyaki don't get you :)14:32
kyakColumbus was Catalan?14:32
kyakand how is this related to Fomenko theory?14:32
viricFomenko says that history of the european past starts to be written at that time14:33
viricwe have seen matches with Fomenko when studying the Spanish novelry14:34
virickyak: Columbus, the financers, the cartographs, technicians, shipyards, most seamen, ...14:34
virickyak: the Catalan Nation was the greatest mediterranian empire back then14:35
kyakyou should verify very carefully such statements14:36
viricit's well known14:38
viricyou can read this anywhere14:38
wpwrak(spinners and other things kids play with) eintopf: in south america, grand theft auto is considered "work" :)14:39
kyakviric: now sure, maybe you are talking about the Kingdom of Aragon?14:41
kyakit's not quite correct to call it the Catalan Nation, right?14:41
viricIt is quite correct :)14:42
kyakviric: it's fine with me :)14:42
wpwrak(H982 FKL) how much more "in your face" could that possibly get ? well, he could have been driving a british tank with those number plates ...14:43
virickyak: nothing to mix with the current region named "Aragon"14:44
wpwrakviric: (catalans conquered the new world) i'm sure with google and about 10 minutes, i can conclusively prove that it was us austrians who did all the heroic discoveries :)14:45
viricwpwrak: good luck then :)14:46
viricI can understand that you can make fun of that hehe14:49
viricI remember when I made fun of that :)14:49
wpwraki mean, given that austria had its fingers pretty much in everything going on in europe at that time, it should be easy to find someone suitably austrian at the heart of every major event ;-)14:50
wpwrak(obviously, only the "nice" events. i'll leave you all the mindless slaughter, failures, mishaps, and so on :)14:50
viricI think I already understood our reasoning, don't worry :)14:51
virickyak: so you never studied a word of Fomenko hehe14:55
viricto understand why he makes such hypotheses14:55
virickyak: do you take him just as crazy? Evil?14:56
kyakviric: sure, i never studied him. Merely read the wikipedia article some years ago15:09
kyakwhen i was at school, many years ago, we had an outstanding history teacher15:09
kyakthat's his opinion about Fomenko, which i still trust15:09
virica lot about history is based on trust :D15:10
kyakhis theories are considered pseudo-scientific by most professionals, so i'll better trust them15:11
viricwell, unfortunately history is a too political15:11
viricand when I've seen historians use the word 'scientific'... they take it in a broad sense, IMO.15:12
kyaksure, history is also subjective15:13
kyakand written by the victors15:13
kyak50 years from now, noone would ever be able to figure out who started a particular conflict15:13
kyaknot by reading BBC/CNN archives, that is :)15:14
wpwrakyup. gotta rely on fox news. the only trustworthy source.15:14
kyakeveryone should start a blog, to further confuse future historians15:16
kyakwith their precious "opinions"15:16
virickyak: it will be clear who started the conflict: the losers.15:17
viricI wish there would be a doubt about who started15:17
viricbut historians don't like doubts.15:18
kyakyou can verify all the history events. Start with that Cro-Magnon who killed Neanderthal :)15:20
viricI'm at it ;)15:24
viricit's quite what fomenko started to do15:25
kyakgood luck to him :)15:28
viricyes, a tough task. But it's an interesting exercice15:29
viric"if we forget about trust, what can we get out of it?"15:29
kyakvarious things.. but it's unlikely you get too far15:35
kyakforget about trust in e.g. physics and start re-inventing laws :)15:36
viricin physics you can check things15:36
kyakyou can never check all things15:37
viricI see I won't get further :)15:39
viricin the talk15:40
viricit was just in case it would rise anyone's interest, and for the fun of Malvins15:40
kyakperhaps it's not a talk for IRC :)15:42
viricnot for #qi-hardware :)15:44
viricthank you for your indications on where do your Fomenko opinions come from15:47
viricnext time I come to Moscow I'll try to find him15:47
kyakok, just be careful :)15:49
viricas usual15:50
asdqwe2Hello, please I would be very grateful if you help me, I just bought a new GA-H77-DS3 GIGABYTE motherboard,which im using with a new 500W PSU, tried with two different ram memories, the processor is G640. I cant boot to any Operating System,neither with a usb booteable stick,it detects the booteable sticks but in the first step stays freezed.16:52
asdqwe2wathever i try to install windows or linux,tried with two different sticks16:52
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