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kristianpaulviric: here we go again with delibertated atemps..03:08
viricwpwrak: it's not in the catalan agenda. I don't know about the spanish06:43
viricwpwrak: yesterday they started to send spanish police to Catalonia06:44
virickristianpaul: the changes weren't agreed with the american associated academies06:48
sb0and I thought UML was bad... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantics_of_Business_Vocabulary_and_Business_Rules08:52
whitequarksb0: for a less horrifying sight, take a look at http://www.lexifi.com/product/technology/contract-description-language09:12
sb0UML, SBVR, and other horrid things like CORBA and "Knowledge Discovery Metamodel" were all produced by the same group. wow.09:14
kyakviric: you'd better be prepared. Western media already belittle catalan movement. The Hongkong revolution gets more coverage, being another american reckless scheme09:55
virickyak: I don't doubt about that09:55
wpwrakviric: well, at least the central government is firmly on the side of the separatists. at least i couldn't think of anything more they could do to convince people to want independence.11:33
wpwraksb0: (same group) the poettering clan ? :)11:33
wpwrak(SBVR) nice. they found new ways to hide the MUST, SHALL, SHOULD, etc., of RFC2119 :)11:34
wpwrakgood job. while people often get confused about SHALL, they get most of the rest. time to fight that excess of clarity.11:35
larscthe OMG standards group11:38
wpwrakkyak: freedom is oppression, love is war, democracy is infighting. same old agenda.11:38
larscquite a fitting name11:38
whitequarklarsc: it predates the OMG abbreviation by a decade11:38
whitequarkand yes I did specifically research that topic. why do you ask11:38
sb0kyak, how exactly is that american?12:01
kyaksb0: http://revolution-news.com/occupy-central-us-state-dept-funding-of-hong-kong-pro-democracy-movement/12:06
kyakyou can start reading from "Follow the Money" paragraph12:07
kyakwpwrak: you are a poet :)12:08
viricwpwrak: here there was a joke of a scottish and a catalan drunk in a bar, lamenting, after scottish elections. The Catalan says: "oh, if we had had a President like Cameron, we would be able to vote". And the Scott says: "oh, if we had had a PM like Rajoy, we would have won".12:48
wpwrakvery much to the point :)12:53
viricof course we have lots of humour about this12:54
viricanother one shows Franco: "A referendum? That'd be democratic!" and Rajoy: "A referendum? That would be antidemocratic!"12:54
viricI'm not following at all the hong kong thing12:56
kyaksb0: this picture misses Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine...12:57
ysionneauthe doors are just out of the frame12:57
wpwraksb0: very good :)12:57
kyakright :)12:57
viricBut one of the big newspapers talked about "pro-democracy hongkong demonstrations" and the next day, talked about the "catalan secessionist ramblers", both taking about demonstrations on street.12:59
wpwrak..., freedom fighters are terrorists, democratic demonstrations are acts of secessionist vandalism, ...13:01
wpwrakthe list goes on and on13:01
viricyes, nothing new13:03
wpwrakhmm. i just de-secured one of my kltabs :)13:34
wpwrakalso did it yesterday, dunno how. plugged in, launched the erase sequence, and it worked.13:34
wpwraknaturally, a 2nd, 3rd, ... attempt did nothing. repeatable experiments are for sissies.13:35
wpwraki let it then run during the night, attempting more erasing. some 22k attempts later, it seems likely that it may not the sort of thing that just randomly succeeds, all other things being equal13:36
wpwrakencouraged by this stray success, i went to experiment a bit more with the reset sequence. seems that i finally may have found something ;)13:37
wpwraklet's see if it's reproducible ...13:37
wpwrakyup :)13:40
wpwrakman. that's something like two weeks of pitched battle.13:41
wpwraknow let's see how much of the voodoo programming there is really needed ... 13:43
viricwpwrak: kristianpaul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOIV_Ba9Iig15:18
viricwe make quite fun of those things :)15:21
wpwrakhmm, is this ironic or genuinely supportive ? it seems to be the latter, but maybe i'm missing some context ?15:23
viricI think it's supportive :)15:24
viricthat makes it more laughful15:24
wpwraki guess it's easier to like the nastier leaders if you're at a safe distance :)15:25
wpwrakof course, if the mass-erase sequence that works great on kltab also worked on anelok #2, that would be too much luck for one day :-(15:32
sb0kyak, more tinfoil hat stuff: http://www.sott.net/article/28659916:25
kyaksame stuff, basically16:36
viricwpwrak: "Cara al sol", the spanish fascist hymn. 17th in most sold of Google Play Spain.20:25
wpwrakviric: not good enough. it's one people, one realm, one hymn !22:10
virica few days ago it was 18th :)22:16
wpwrakwe're getting there. time to get ready to warm up franco's cryo chamber :)22:19
viricThere is a nice film about the resurrection22:21
viricfrom the 80s22:22
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