#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2014-09-26

wpwrakfun: since yesterday, apple is looking to hire a "Product Design Engineer" for the "Product Design Structural Analysis Team" ;-)14:03
wpwrakat least they're quick to react to their mistakes :)14:04
pcercueiwhat mistake?14:11
Action: pcercuei gets out of the forest14:11
pcercueiout of the wild, if you prefer14:22
pcercueithat's a way of saying that I don't know what he's talking about14:23
wpwrakpcercuei: "bendgate" - their new phatphone can bend when carried in a pocket. it doesn't seem to fail because of this, but it certainly doesn't look happy. http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2014/09/24/iphone-6-plus-bendgate/14:47
pcercueioh wow14:50
larscit's a feature15:32
wpwrakfor biometric identification - adapts to the curvature of the owner's behind15:35
kyakpcercuei: oh, if you've been to the forest, then update your bash, and quick :)16:57
pcercueiI've seen that, yes16:57
larscpcercuei: did you also get a fishy sounding mail from the linux foundation?19:15
pcercueilet me check19:16
pcercueihmm, no :(19:17
pcercueiwhat does it say?19:17
larsc'we'd like to talk to you about our training opportunities' or something19:19
pcercueisounds fishy, yes19:24
pcercueiI always knew that the linux foundation was some sort of a sect D:19:24
larscBut it doesn't look like it was an automated mail, which makes it even fishier19:27
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