#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2014-09-20

wpwraksigh. sometimes i wish back the good old times where a man would slay a dragon or, if unavailable, a lion, to prove his worth. 14:08
wpwrakbut then ARM came and invented their debug interface ...14:08
DocScrutinizer05what's wrong with ARMs debug interface? (except of the nasty 300$ cables you need to attach Lauterbach to it)18:50
wpwrakthe complexity. it's orders of magnitude more complex than anything else i've seen in that area. you have a complex chain of subsystems, several protocol layers (though not described as such), each with its own failure and reporting modes. and so on.19:00
wpwrakarm's documentation also doesn't lead you straight to the solution. it rather stops at a polite distance from the next territory, makes some vague allusions of what you may want to look for over there, then go away and leave you alone.19:01
wpwrakfurthermore, none of the stuff is really up to date or applicable. so you need to find out what the concept evolved to on your own.19:01
wpwrakthen you get the vendor side ...19:02
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