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wpwrakone more argument for never buying from a domain squatter - they could have obtained a certificate they'll sell on the black market once you've set up your operation: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2014/09/security_of_the.html#c667865100:29
eintopfmhh bruce schneier08:15
eintopfwpwrak: do you know http://www.schneierfacts.com/ ?08:16
eintopfwpwrak: parse all schneierfacts, then make a scrollable screensaver for the anelok for it08:16
kyaksome of the facts are hilarious :)08:49
kyakand the site works well with text-based browser, good08:49
eintopfkyak: mainly the answer for chuck norris facts ;)09:07
eintopfthat's why you see bruce schneier on chuck norris pictures... but on text based browser...09:07
eintopfuse w3m with image support :)09:08
eintopfbut when anelok supports a scrollable screensave for schneierfacts, real cryptofreaks would buy it09:09
eintopfhttp://www.schneierfacts.com/facts/152 - I think this is some kind of cesar crypton09:10
kyakwell, in such case, anelok should support a custom text file, which can be used for screensaver09:22
kyakdon't let chuck norris fans down09:22
mtheintopf: it is :)10:11
mth> python10:11
mth>>> "Vs lbh nfxrq Oehpr Fpuarvre gb qrpelcg guvf, ur'q pehfu lbhe fxhyy jvgu uvf ynhtu.".decode('rot13')10:11
kyakit's easier, just google the phrase10:17
eintopfanelok needs also a option for rot13, just for the kids10:23
kyakthat's dangerous, since one might assume that rot13 is an actual encryption algorithm, and stands for "Really One-way Translation, 13 rounds"10:25
larscrot26! Twice as secure!10:54
wpwrakeintopf: (schneierfacts) but of course ;-) (screensafer) naw, don't have power to spare for such things12:45
wpwrakkyak: yeah, such things happen more often that one would think12:46
eintopfit's name screensaver or screensafer, but screensafer sounds cool for anelok12:49
eintopfsafes data12:49
virichow are you, lads?20:24
viriclong time no see.20:24
whitequarkkyak: larsc: triple rot13!20:26
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