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nicksydneywpwrak: http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/10/and-the-winner-of-techcrunch-disrupt-sf-2014-is-alfred/?ncid=tcdaily ..the startup Shipstr will make shipping from China (sometime in future) easier :)23:11
whitequarkwow. disrupt is even more of a terrible joke than I thought23:27
wpwrak"the startup Shipstr will make shipping from China easier" hmm, so they're a political party that wants to make an institutional reform ? ;-)23:40
whitequarkjust a bunch of hipsters whose arrogance far exceeds their competence23:41
wpwrakthat's a rare combination :)23:41
whitequarkwell, you could say "yes" to your question, too23:41
whitequarkwpwrak: any idea what to use to make a smooth DC sweep from 0V to 2kV (yes) in 100ms or so?23:43
whitequarkI toyed with a voltage multiplier (Villard cascade) design, but it's too slow23:44
whitequarkbetter description of signal I need: sawtooth with frequency 10Hz amplitude 2kV.23:45
whitequarkalso should be phase-locked to some external input23:48
wpwrakhmm, look for "sawtooth generator" ? or "function generator" in general ? there must be ton of old circuits for this. not sure what tricks they use.23:56
whitequarkwell, not for 2kV of amplitude :p23:56
wpwrakoh, didn't quite notice the 2 kV ...23:57
whitequarkoh, and I want to use off-the-shelf components. something you could get at e.g. digikey23:59
whitequarkspecifically no custom transformers23:59
whitequarkcurrently thinking of using a CCFL transformer--they go to about 1.3kV--and doubling it once23:59
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